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Spain (Spanish: España) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

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Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Spain Valencia

Specific Competence: Being able, in the field of nursing, to provide appropriate technical and professional health care for the health needs of the people they serve, according to the state of development of scientific knowledge at any given time and the quality and safety standards laid down in the laws and ethics applicable. [+]

Top Bachelors in Nursing in Spain. Nursing degree OFFICIAL TITLE: Nursing degree DURATION / ECTS: 4 years / 240 ECTS SEATS / CAMPUS: 120 / Moncada - Alfara; 100 / Elche; 60 / Castellon PLACE AT: Spanish LEARNING OUTCOMES general skills CG1. Understanding the fundamental questions of anthropology and its connection with nursing CG2. Capar be to analyze historical texts of scientific content CG3. Acquiring a critical insight to the moral problems raised by the exercise of the health professions CG4. Knowing the ethical issues affecting the health sector CG5. Being able to analyze bioethical dilemmas and conflicts CG6. Perform an analysis and critical interpretation of the main documents of the magisterium of the church related to social issues in general and, in particular, research and medical practice. Specific skills CE1. Being able, in the field of nursing, to provide appropriate technical and professional health care for the health needs of the people they serve, according to the state of development of scientific knowledge at any given time and quality levels and safety laid down in the laws and ethics applicable. CE2. Plan and provide nursing care directed at individuals, families or groups aimed at health outcomes evaluating their impact through guidelines for clinical practice and care, describing the processes by which it is diagnosed, treated or cared a problem of health. CE3. Know and apply the theoretical and methodological foundations and principles of nursing. EC4. Understand the interactive behavior of the person by gender, group or community, within their social and multicultural context. CE5. Design care systems aimed at individuals, families or groups, evaluating their impact and establishing the appropriate modifications. CE6. Basing nursing interventions on scientific evidence and available means. EC7. Understand without prejudice to people, considering their physical, psychological and social aspects as autonomous and independent individuals, ensuring respect for their opinions, beliefs and values, guaranteeing the right to privacy through confidentiality and professional secrecy. EC8. Promote and respect the right of participation, information, autonomy and informed decision-making of people attended consent, according to the way they live their process of health - disease. EC9. Promote healthy lifestyles, self-care, supporting the maintenance of therapeutic and preventive behaviors. CE10. Protect the health and welfare of individuals, families or groups attended, guaranteeing their safety. CE11. Establish effective communication with patients, families, social groups and partners and promote health education. CE12. Knowing the ethical and deontological code of Spanish nursing, understanding the ethical implications of health in a changing global context. CE13. Knowing the principles of health and social health financing and adequately use the resources available. CE14. Establish mechanisms for evaluation, considering the scientific aspects? technical and quality. CE15. Working with the team as the basic unit which is structured uni or multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary professionals and other staff of healthcare organizations. CE16. Know the health information systems. CE17. Perform nursing care based on comprehensive health care that involves multiprofessional cooperation, integration of processes and continuity of care. CE18. Know the strategies to adopt measures of comfort and care of symptoms, the patient and family targeted in the implementation of palliative care that will contribute to alleviate the situation of advanced and terminal patients. JOB Professional outings Nursing graduates can develop their professional activity in different areas although the degree has a unique profile of nurse responsible for general care, whose functions are detailed as follows: Asistencial function: providing nursing care to society Hospital Area (Specialities) Primary care: Health Education and Health Promotion Teaching function: Teach nursing skills University professor Training of Trainees Health Workforce Training Health Education Patient and Family Researcher Function: Concern for the acquisition of new knowledge and its application Creation of Scientific Societies of Nursing Assistance to scientific meetings Presentation of Papers to Congress Research Group Memberships Doctoral thesis Management function: Participate in the Administration and Resource Management Identify Health Systems Understand the concept of quality assurance Manage human and material resources at work What makes us different? 1. The profession in the classroom Because we understand that in order to become a good nurse / a you must be from first contact with the best professionals. So many of our teachers are outstanding nurses working actively innovating in hospitals and health centers. 2. The four-door employability Intensification Program EIR for preparation: fourth course you can participate in our program to start your preparation for Nurse Internal Resident (EIR). Thus while you finish your career will begin to train and to achieve a place in the public health system. Of course participate in this program to improve your skills is voluntary and does not involve additional cost. Practices in the center of the curriculum: well you know we "do nursing" from first course. You "know-how" from first is the way to be in the best position to take advantage of external practices. This is the way to be able to add value in the centers where you join trainees in the second year. Certificate in Communicative Skills for Nursing and Relief (CCAE) experts communication skills and managing personal relationships are key to being an outstanding professional nursing say. Therefore, through our training proposal you will achieve these skills and you also certify through the CCAE. The international dimension of nursing: we are constantly increasing the number of international practices in the UK, Germany and other countries in Central Europe. Would you be prepared to work outside Spain ?. This is our proposal: free additional training in English from first to fourth to improve your level. Free online training in specialized nursing English from third to adjust your level to the professional requirements. Opportunities for international nursing practices. A good example is the agreement signed with the King's College Hospital in London, for which our nursing students access to practical and also in advantageous conditions for their recruitment processes (with direct access to the interview pass). 3. A double pioneering grade, doubles specialist degrees You can study a double degree in Spain only to multiply your training and your future options. We offer a custom itinerary so that you have a different university profile: Double Degree in Physical Therapy + Nursing [-]

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University CEU - Cardenal Herrera
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Spain Moncada

The Knowledge of a second language, in the specific case of Nursing Studies, the English language, confers the student a higher level of working competence and a higher level [+]

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? 1) Bilingual training english/spanish The Knowledge of a second language, in the specific case of Nursing Studies, the English language, confers the student a higher level of working competence and a higher level of competitiveness and opportunities on the labor market, being increasingly more globalized, as well as English being a basic mean of communication. The new Nursing Group in English will facilitate our students the access to studies at foreign universities, profiting from scholarships such as Erasmus, Overseas and international agreements. Likewise, the training in English will advance the utilization of scientific documentation and academic material in said language, permitting the students to develop themselves with utmost rigour within the area of Nursing, being in constant evolution and mainly published in English. 2) Our teachers are professionals We understand that in order to become a good nurse you have to get in touch, from the very beginning, with the best professionals of the sector, who share their experiences and apply them day by day in the class rooms together with the students. 3) The four Career Prospects Our main preoccupation is to provide the student with tools, so that they will be in the best preconditions to enter the labor market. The proceedings to which we pay most value in the curriculum are the following four: - Programme of Intensification for the preparation EIR. During the fourth year you will be able to participate in our program, initiating the preparation for becoming an Internal Nursing Resident (EIR). In this way, while you are finishing your studies, you will start to train yourself in order to gain a post in the public health system. The participation in this program aiming to improve your qualification is on a voluntary basis and does not engender any additional costs. Do you want to work in a hospital? Open this door. Programme of Intensification for the Training of the EIR. - Practicals, the heart of the curriculum. We teach our students the “know how” from the very beginning, ensuring that they are in the best condition to benefit from the external internship and add value to the facilities in which they are incorporated (starting the first semester of the second year). We also configure, from the UPE (Unit of Nursing Internships), a unique internship service tailored to the student for the realization of the Practicum. - Intensification of the Communication and welfare competences - The international dimension, with the growing incorporation of international internships in the UK, Germany... 4) A pioneer double degree, of the expert in double degrees You have the possibility to study a unique double degree in Spain, which will multiply your training and your future career options. We offer you a tailored schedule so that you will be provided with a university profile different from all the others. - Doble Grado en Fisioterapia + Enfermería It is your chance to study two university careers with a compatible Schedule and most important, without paying twice. What will I learn? You will become a health professional in its different fields of activity, from prevention, promotion and foment of healthy habits up to the nursing of the sick persons, transferring the application of the programs of prescribed rehabilitation. [-]