Top Bachelor Degrees in Nursing Assisting 2019/2020

A bachelor’s degree is awarded by a university upon completion of an academic program lasting three to seven years. It is an undergraduate certification that is required for many higher academic distinctions.

What is a Bachelor in Nursing Assisting? A student in this program may expect to learn how to aid a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse in administering health care measures to patients. A nursing assistant acts as a liaison between the supervising nurses and their patients, monitoring conditions and relaying information. A program of study to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing assisting will involve the study of general medical knowledge and health care procedures, as well as a six- to twelve-week training program. Many institutions also require in-person, on-the-job study at a certified medical facility before a final exam can be taken.

Becoming a nursing assistant affords many opportunities for employment. Assistants are always in high demand in the industry, and the diversity of facilities that utilize them means there is a good chance that someone holding this degree will be steadily and consistently employed.

The country you live in, the region of that country, and the type of course you are looking to pursue are all factors affecting the cost of such a program. Make sure to thoroughly research any schools you are considering.

After completing a degree program to become a nursing assistant, you will be able to seek employment at any inpatient medical facility. The responsibilities of a nursing assistant vary depending on the type of institution. Nursing assistants are a fixture in many types of medical facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, care centers and hospice. Tasks you are charged with may range from bureaucratic paperwork and clerical communication to the administration of medication and physical treatments, keeping patient quarters clean and directly assisting a nurse with medical procedures.

Whether you are seeking an online course or planning to enroll in a brick-and-mortar institution for your program of study, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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St. Theresa International College

Our Bachelors of Nursing Science program shall empower you to make the right decisions for improving the health of your patients. The program shall help you acquire all t ... [+]

Do you have a passion for saving lives? Our Bachelors of Nursing Science program shall empower you to make the right decisions for improving the health of your patients. The program shall help you acquire all the skills needed to guide, support, treat and rehabilitate the patients you serve. Being one of the longest-running programs at St Theresa International College, you will have the opportunity to learn from our well-experienced and well-renowned faculty in a truly inspiring environment.

What will I learn?

The program is designed to prepare nurses for a variety of healthcare settings – from hospitals and clinics to private practices and community agencies. It shall help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make significant contributions to the profession of nursing in order to achieve the optimal health of the population.... [-]

Thailand Nakhon Nayok
June 2020
4 years