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A bachelor’s degree is an internationally recognized academic distinction. It is given to those who successfully complete predetermined coursework or a combination of coursework and testing related to a particular topic.

What is a Bachelor in Phlebotomy? Intended for those looking to establish profitable and rewarding careers within the healthcare field, this intensive course teaches students the techniques, skills and methods needed to withdraw blood from patients within medical settings. Common areas of study include CPR, biology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology and other topics as they relate to the general health sciences. Students should also anticipate a close review of common medical terminology and a broad overview of healthcare systems around the world.

Those who secure bachelor’s degrees are typically more employable than those working in their fields without undergraduate degrees. They are also frequently able to gain higher salaries than those without degrees or with lesser degrees.

Because of considerable variation among schools’ locations and program lengths, the cost of obtaining a Bachelor in Phlebotomy varies. Students interested in a particular program should contact the admissions office of the school offering their desired program for accurate tuition information.

Students who effectively earn the Bachelor in Phlebotomy are prepared for a variety of entry-level jobs within the medical and healthcare fields. Most graduates go on to find work as phlebotomists, collecting blood from people and analyzing and storing blood samples in hospitals or doctor’s offices. Others work in medical labs, while others return to school to further their skills in the medical field and pursue an even higher academic designation.

Many phlebotomy degree programs are offered online by renowned and respected schools around the world. Our database is a great resource for checking out what is currently available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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BTech in Podiatry

University of Johannesburg
Campus Full time 4 years February 2018 South Africa Johannesburg

Podiatrists advise on and treat foot and lower-limb disorders [+]

Bachelors in Phlebotomy. Career Podiatrists advise on and treat foot and lower-limb disorders Admission Requirements Minimum APS: 25 Language of teaching and learning- English: 4 (50%+) Mathematics : 4 (50%+) Mathematical Literacy: Not accepted Physical Sciences: 4 (50%+) Life Sciences: 4 (50%+) Additional Subject 1: 4 (50%+) Additional Subject 2: 4 (50%+) Admission for international applicants is subject to meeting the compliance requirements as stipulated by the Immigration Act No 13 of 2002, the regulations made there under the University’s policy. Meeting the Faculty’s minimum requirements for a particular programme does not necessarily guarantee admission to that programme due to space constraints. All applicants have to complete the NBT (National Benchmark Test) prior to admission. The result of the NBT will inform decisions taken on placement of the applicant. Life Orientation is not included when calculating APS. [-]