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A bachelor’s degree is an internationally acknowledged academic distinction that is generally earned following three or four years of intensive study of a particular subject area. Many people have an easier time finding gainful employment after securing a bachelor’s degree than they were able to before receiving the degree.

What is a Bachelor in Pediatrics? Intended for those looking to ultimately become pediatricians, this intensive degree program prepares students for rewarding careers within the ever-expanding healthcare field. Most of these programs heavily emphasize the general health sciences, and they often focus on biology, chemistry and physics. Additional attention is frequently given to matters and subjects that include genetics, cellular biology, calculus, statistics and physiology, among other areas.

Many students enroll in a Bachelor in Pediatrics program in hopes of obtaining the educational foundation necessary for eventually securing a master’s degree or a doctorate. Others do so in an effort to increase earning potential and broaden career opportunities.

There is a wide variation among tuition costs from one program to another that is based on factors such as course popularity and geography. Prospective students should get in touch with each school of interest directly for accurate and timely tuition information.

Those who effectively complete Bachelor in Pediatrics programs are poised for success within a variety of entry-level positions within the burgeoning healthcare field. Many work with children in schools, day care centers, religious organizations or private homes. Others work within community organizations or the social services. Others choose to work toward more advanced degrees in a similar field in hopes of ultimately becoming specialists in pediatric medicine or clinical or therapeutic counselors.

Many schools around the globe offer online pediatric-related degree programs. Our database is a great resource for exploring available programs and connecting with schools of interest. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Degree In Medicine

Campus Full time 6 years March 2018 Brazil São Paulo Argentina Buenos Aires + 2 more

The Medicine Undergraduate course is held through the agreement with UM - University of Morón, and for the Brazilians with high school or complete higher education who wish to obtain title Doctor. [+]

Bachelors in Pediatrics. About Graduation The Medicine Undergraduate course is held through the agreement with UM - University of Morón, and for the Brazilians with high school or complete higher education who wish to obtain title Doctor. Due to the great demand for Brazilian students who dream of training in medicine, but are financial difficulties and accessibility to existing institutions in our country, the institutions have agreements developed this unique program. The project offered by ISPED was developed in 2009 in conjunction with the UM - University of Morón, and the first class began in 2010, forming the end of 2015. Currently there are about 5,000 Brazilian students studying medicine in Argentina, distributed in various universities, which are considered the world's best and references on various subjects related to career. Given this situation, the institutions involved in the project decided to create differentials for Brazilian undergraduate students through courses aimed at better preparation for the existing revalidation examination in Brazil which are included in the history of the University, and especially in the training of competent doctors to the profession with quality in our country. The program content is similar to Brazilian universities, which facilitates the title recognition obtained in Argentina, and realize the dream of practical and economically viable way for hundreds of people. DIFFERENTIALS Continuous monitoring during the six-year course duration of exclusively own secretariat to serve the Brazilian students. Approved the selection process need not take your ticket Course (also known as CBC in Argentine Universities). Approximately... [-]