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Portugal is one of the warmest European countries. University programs are very affordable. In fact Portugal has one of the lowest living costs for students. Enjoy the the great beaches in Algarve or the old wings of history in the capital city of Lisbon.

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Instituto Piaget
Campus Full time 4 years October 2017 Portugal Lisbon

The qualification allows access to the professional title of physiotherapist belonging to the professional career of technical diagnostic and therapeutic. [+]

Top Bachelors in Massage Therapy in Portugal. I feel that the academic training I gained over the years of course as well the internships from the first year to the last have provided me the technical and scientific knowledge to daily practice as Physiotherapist. Note that has always been a formation based on evidence and was only possible thanks to the excellent faculty that has existed until the present day. David Alves, physiotherapist, graduated from Instituto Piaget in 2009 educational objectives: The general objectives of the 1st Physiotherapy studies cycle are: Train physiotherapists who act in a bio-psychosocial perspective on disease prevention and health promotion, development and recovery of functionality and quality of life and reduction of disability and maladjustment through re-education, rehabilitation and treatment. Enable students with knowledge and skills of scientific rigor, responsibility, autonomy and respect for legal and ethical issues in health, in the context of assessment and intervention in different situations. Develop effective organization and implementation capacity through appropriate methods and techniques and based on scientific evidence. Equip students with humanistic, cultural and social skills, in addition to the scientific and technical skills so they can manage and act effectively before various professional everyday situations. Employability: Graduates in Physiotherapy may perform functions in: hospitals Public and private clinics and health centers Rehabilitation centers sanatoria sports structures Schools and special education institutes Institutions for the elderly Professional status: The qualification allows access to the professional title of physiotherapist belonging to the professional career of technical diagnostic and therapeutic. For the completion of the 1st Physical therapy in study cycle, students must fulfill a curriculum consists of 240 credits required ECTS. The 1st Physiotherapy studies cycle will give the skills necessary to: Identify structures, functioning, regulation and homeostasis of human body and the return mechanisms to function and improved health status; Describe normal human movement, identify the conditions and deviations from normal, and enumerate the mechanisms that lead to its regulation, identifying the main problems and planning an appropriate intervention; Identify and interpret national and international legislation in the EC area and health in general; Apply the model and assessment methodology in Physical Therapy based on the model of the International Classification of Functioning (ICF); Identify and apply the methods and techniques of assessment and intervention in physical therapy; Conduct research and disseminate the results; Rehabilitating different functional conditions in real contexts, efficiently performing evaluation and re-evaluation reports with measurement results; effectively exercise clinical practice in different contexts of providing health care / services. [-]