Top Bachelor Degrees in Kinesiology 2019

Most bachelor’s degrees don’t require any other university-level education, so students often enter this program first. Depending on the country the university is in, this program may be completed in three to five years.

What is a Bachelor in Kinesiology? Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Students often focus on this area to learn more about athletic prowess, training methods, rehabilitation techniques and therapeutic exercises. This type of program may offer hands-on experience in a lab setting. The exact courses required for this education could vary by school and concentration. Some universities may allow scholars to focus on exercise physiology, physical education teaching or fitness management. Some example courses include health education, kinesiology, biology, exercise science and sports management.

Many participants gain important skills, such as analysis, communication and motivation, through this program. Students can use these skills to further their education, become competitive job applicants and improve their personal lives.

There is no universal cost for a bachelor’s degree, so it is common for applicants to contact schools directly to get an estimate. Tuition often depends on location, area of study, duration and class type. Some schools may have slightly different costs every semester.

What type of careers can a Bachelor in Kinesiology lead to? Without any other education, graduates may be able to go on to become personal trainers, sports coaches, umpires, dance instructors or occupational therapy assistants. Many scholars use this degree as a starting point for a master’s degree. With more education, graduates may be able to become occupational therapists, chiropractors or rehabilitation therapists.

Bachelor’s degrees are available at schools in many countries. As you look for a program that meets your needs, you may be able to find a learning unit at schools near you or through online courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Universidad Técnica Privada Cosmos - UNITEPC

Professional training of students to solve health problems and rehabilitation in different areas of intervention, meeting social demand in accordance with technological a ... [+]


Professional training of students to solve health problems and rehabilitation in different areas of intervention, meeting social demand in accordance with technological and scientific innovation.


To be recognized in the field as a career committed to improving health conditions and rehabilitation, training competent professionals with quality and equity.

General objectives

The Licentiate in Physiotherapy and Kinesiology is a professional who works in the field with the purpose of designing, executing and controlling therapeutic programs that allow the optimal development and conservation of the human body movement in the different stages of life, promoting promotion actions and prevention that improve the quality of life of the individual inside and outside the community, with scientific basis and high social, ethical and moral sense and generation of technological innovations, according to the needs diagnosed, that promote the resolution of health problems.... [-]

Bolivia Cochabamba
February 2020
10 semesters