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Israel has 8 universities and is academically supervised by the Council for Higher Education in Israel. The country is among the countries, which have the high rate of university enrollment in the world. They have a friendly student’s relationship not only to the local students but also to international students.

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Degree In Speech Therapy

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Full time 4 years

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the Pontifical University of Salamanca offer the Degree in Speech Therapy with a curriculum tailored to the requirements of the clinical training required by the present moment, without forgetting the humanistic training necessary for empathy with people who They have communication problems and their families. [+]

Best Bachelors in Israel 2017. The Faculty of Health Sciences at the Pontifical University of Salamanca Offer Degree in Speech Therapy a curriculum tailored to the requirements of clinical training that requires the current time, without forgetting the humanistic training necessary for empathy with people who have communication problems and their families. Study the Speech Therapy degree of UPSA it involves betting on a consistent theoretical and practical training. Students begin their practical training from the first year and intensified in the third and fourth. The practices are carried out in the Clinical Speech Therapy Service. It is a clinic equipped with modern facilities such as cameras adapted Gesell and offices where real patients with language disorders are treated, speech, voice, hearing and / or Myofunctional. These patients are treated by students under the direct supervision of the teacher of the corresponding area. In this way the student develops the skills, knowledge and ethical qualities necessary for their training as a speech therapist. Curriculum 1 Human Anatomy I Statistics I linguistics: phonology, morphology, syntax psychology I psychology II Educational foundations of speech therapy intervention Oral and written expression Physiology Articulatory phonetics, acoustic and experimental Done Religious and Christian Faith Informatic introduction Students must attend only one of the two instrumental subjects offered in this course: 'oral and written expression' or 'Introduction to Computers'. 2 Human Anatomy II English Logopedics. Science and Profession I Psycholinguistics applied to speech therapy Technology Resources in speech therapy Speech therapy attention to diversity Development of spoken and written language Linguistics II: Semantics, Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics Neuropsychology Christian vision of man and society 3 Joint disorders Voice disorders Written language disorders Developmental disorders and language acquisition Trnos. com. motor impairment and linguistic persons Com deterioration. and ling. in trast. Degenerative and mental After. language and com. associated with sensory deficits Disorders of speech fluency Trnos. com. and linguistic people with DISCAP. intellectual Trnos. com. and linguistic people with acquired brain injuries 4 socio-familiar early care and intervention Individual and family skills interview logop intervention. cochlear implants Logopedics. Science and Profession II Practicum I Myofunctional therapy Attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity and dyscalculia alternative systems and / or augmentative com. (SAAC) Final Project ASDs Practicum II Application procedure: Fill in the online form (accessible from You will receive an email in which you explain what documentation must present. Admission criteria: The seats are allocated in order of application. Tuition fees (course 2016-2017): Application square: 500 €. (1) Opening Record: 90 €. (2) Price per year: € 3,600. (3) Price per credit: 60 €. (4) School insurance (mandatory under 28 years): 1.12 €. Payment Methods: The registration fee can be paid in a lump sum or in three installments. Calendar Application and registration: Request place: until 30 September 2016. Registration Period: from May 3 to September 30, 2016. Once admitted, each student will have a term of 21 days to complete their registration within the period previously marked. Advantages of studying in the UPSA Own speech therapy clinic: is a hospital which serves about 200 patients a year. Intervention with real patients: several teachers supervise and coordinate the process of diagnosis and intervention of students. Own job: at the end of your studies, you can enter our job. She arrive centers and numerous requests from individuals seeking professionals trained in the UPSA. Personal attention: the closeness between teachers and pupils promotes learning. Modern facilities: we have updated diagnostic and intervention, observation cameras, computer rooms, meeting documentation material. Multidisciplinary and updated training connected with the reality of people with disabilities through agreements we have signed. [-]

Bachelor in Animal Science

Tel-Hai College
Campus Full time 4 years October 2017 Israel Upper Galilee

The study of animal science provides a wide base of knowledge in the biology and technology of animal care. This opens the door to diverse professional fields. [+]

Bachelor in Animal Science The study of animal science provides a wide base of knowledge in the biology and technology of animal care. This opens the door to diverse professional fields, such as wildlife conservation, animal research, the raising of exotic pets and animals for sport or therapeutic work, the development and marketing of equipment or food for domestic animals and pets, and work in zoos and other frameworks, in which animals in danger of extinction are raised, and where educational activities about animals take place. The program also offers an excellent foundation for continued studies in veterinary science, in Israel or abroad. Graduates may also serve as assistants to veterinarians. The Academic Curriculum First-year students study basic courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as zoology, histology, embryology, Israeli fauna, and more. In the subsequent two years of study, they continue on to advanced scientific courses in biochemistry, microbiology, and other, as well as specialized courses such as animal nutrition, comparative physiology of animals, and bioethics. In their final year, students write an advanced seminar paper and plan and implement scientific experiments, while taking part in elective courses that include veterinary anatomy, animal evolution, veterinary anatomy, fish biotechnology, primatology, zoo management. Professional internships are offered to select students who gain employment experience in the zootechnological field in return for scholarships, through the Best for Employment program. [-]