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A bachelor’s degree is the first step in a long academic path toward higher education and many employment opportunities. Often a fulltime, four-year commitment, getting a degree requires a motivated and dedicated student interested in any number of fields.

What is a Bachelor in Immunology? This is a degree that covers the particulars of immunological processes and the body’s relationship to disease. It will focus on microbiology: cells, DNA, etc. It will typically require students to be versed in current scientific methodologies. More specifically, students will generally learn about immunological technologies, genes, therapies and tests as well as how to understand and extrapolate from scientific literature. Students will also learn how to conduct experiments and record accurate data.

After completing a program in immunology, students will have gained a basic skillset that will further them toward a medical career. Students will also learn important mathematic, deductive and analytical reasoning skills. Most careers in the medical field require a graduate degree, so this is an essential first step.

Cost of tuition varies significantly from school to school. The extensiveness of the program and the resources offered will dictate the price of the degree. Talk with an admissions officer to learn more about a specific institution.

Most Bachelor of Immunology degree holders end up pursuing careers in biomedicine. Knowledge of immunology is essential in becoming a physician or a surgeon. However, the degree also can lead to teaching or research positions, such as a microbiologist or biochemist. Science degrees are also required of individuals in health administration and public health policy. Some graduates find entry-level employment as laboratory technologists and technicians.

Most medical fields require degrees from on-campus institutions instead of online ones. To begin pursuing your Bachelor in Immunology, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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