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Geriatric Medicine

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate education path that prepares students for a career in their interest area. Typically taking three to five years to complete, there are bachelor’s programs in a variety of disciplines that are offered in colleges and universities around the world.

What is a Bachelor in Age Care? This program is designed for students who want to work with the elderly population. There are many different aspects to the aging community including physical disabilities, mental issues, dependency, and lack of mobility. This degree program will equip students with the knowledge and skills to assist the elderly in a variety of situations. Class work may include written tests, lectures, case studies, projects, scenarios, and participation in the workforce.

People are living longer and longer, and one of the benefits of earning an age care degree is that there will always be employment opportunities. School gives students the opportunity to figure out what area(s) related to senior care they would like to pursue, and internships can help their career outlook.

The costs involved with a Bachelor in Age Care can vary quite a bit from one place to another. The program duration and location of the school are main factors. Contacting the schools directly is the best way to find out specific tuition and fees.

The job opportunities are vast for those with an educational background in age care. Hiring establishments may include nursing homes, assisted living centers, Hospice, retirement homes, old age homes, hospitals, and recreation centers. Some job titles may include recreation therapist, health care aide, physiotherapist, program director, and occupational therapist. Those with a nursing background can help with a variety of medical and health situations, and administrative positions are options for those with a business background.

There are degree opportunities around the globe for those interested in a career in age care. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor aging management services

Ferdinand Porsche Fern FH
Online Part time 3 years September 2019 Austria Austria Online Vienna Wiener Neustadt + 2 more

The Humboldt Bildungsges.mbH with the online campus in Vienna is the largest distance learning institution in Austria and has a well-50th [+]

The Studies Interdisciplinary and practical

The interdisciplinary orientation and methodological and didactic design of the course you will acquire extensive knowledge and useful skills.

They acquire knowledge and understanding

the phenomenon of aging, to structures, processes and contexts of social and health, into the links between demographic, social and economic aspects.

They deal with

Factors influencing health and quality of life in old age, Policies aimed at promoting health and quality of life in old age, new technologies to support the everyday life of older people.

You gain competencies in

Organizational and change management, Project and process management, Interface and network management, Communication, facilitation and coaching Corporate governance. Career opportunities ... [-]