Top 2 Bachelor Degrees in Food Science 2019

A Bachelor is a four-year undergraduate degree that may be able to provide students with the proper education and training needed to find a reputable career upon graduation. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree helps signify that students have put in the time and energy required to be proficient and capable in their field.

Curious individuals may be wondering, what is a Bachelor in Food Science? Students in this degree program learn to incorporate biology, chemistry, engineering, microbiology, and nutrition to study food, and learn how to better preserve and protect food. Food science majors play an important role in the world, in that their work can help lead to healthier and more nutritious food that is safe for everyone to consume.

Many students choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in food science to receive hands-on training and mentoring from experienced instructors. Improved skills in research, problem solving, and critical thinking, combined with the practical experience they receive in their program, may make graduates highly sought after by desirable employers.

The cost associated with earning a Bachelor can vary and may depend on many different factors. Students should speak directly with the admission office of potential schools to receive pertinent tuition information.

Possible careers for individuals who graduate with a Bachelor in Food Science may include working as food scientists for retail food companies or food manufacturers, or working as food researchers and developers for government organizations or independent laboratories. Other individuals may also choose to teach food science and work with institutions of higher learning to help develop food science curriculums and conduct important food science research for academia.

If you are interested in working toward establishing safe and reliable food sources, then a Bachelor In Food Science may be the right educational option for you. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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2 Results in Food Science

Universidad Tecmilenio

Professional who develop effective and healthy nutritional strategies. ... [+]

Bachelors in Food Science. Graduate Profile To evaluate the nutritional status of individuals and social groups. Design and evaluate effective nutritional strategies in accordance with the problems of individuals and social groups. Integral management of food services of different types. Create and manage consulting and consulting companies in areas of nutrition. Use scientific and ethical principles for decision-making. Integrate multidisciplinary teams effectively. Promote in a positive and effective way changes in the habits of life of people. Labor Field Hospitals, clinics and health centers. Gyms, schools and companies that require the support of professionals in nutrition. Private medical offices. Non-profit organizations and government institutions. Personalized attention to patients with continuous care requirements in their nutritional status. My own company. Curriculum ... [-]
Mexico Chihuahua San Luis Potosi Guadalajara Cancún Heroica Veracruz Monterrey Torreón  + 4 More
July 2020
8 semesters
Maastricht University, Campus Venlo

University College Venlo (UCV) is unique. You follow your interests and select your own courses. This enables you to study issues related to Food, Nutrition & Health ... [+]

University College Venlo

University College Venlo (UCV) is unique. You follow your interests and select your own courses. This enables you to study issues related to Food, Nutrition & Health in an interdisciplinary manner. With the help of your personal academic advisor, you build a tailor-made bachelor's programme. The central part of your study programme is made up of courses within the concentration of your choice: Social Sciences or Life Sciences. In the Social Sciences concentration, you can choose courses in fields such as Psychology of Eating, Economics and Behavioural Change. The Life Sciences concentration offers courses in Biology, Epidemiology of Food, Biochemistry, and Datamining. Combining courses from different disciplines will help you develop a distinct academic profile, perfectly adapted to the Master’s programme or professional position you aim for.... [-]

Netherlands Venlo
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3 years