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First Aid

A bachelor’s degree is an academic achievement granted to students who effectively complete what is typically about four years of curriculum related to a given topic. Many bachelor’s degree holders find that they have an easier time finding work and that they are able to earn more money after securing an undergraduate degree than they were able to without it.

Just what is a Bachelor in First Aid? Intended for students desiring careers within the health care field, this degree program offers a comprehensive overview of basic first aid skills and techniques. Common areas of study often include CPR for adults and children, general first aid and basic medical techniques. Students also typically learn how to respond to choking, bleeding, broken bones and sprained joints. 

There are numerous benefits of obtaining an undergraduate degree in first aid. Many graduates have an easier time finding gainful employment related to health care than they were able to do before completing a degree program, and some people also report stronger job satisfaction. A Bachelor in First Aid is also required for many health care positions.

Tuition costs vary broadly from one first aid program to the next based on factors, such as where the school offering a particular program is located. Students interested in taking a first aid degree program should contact the school offering it for accurate tuition rates.

A strong knowledge of first aid techniques and applications is a qualification for many health care-based careers, including those within general and mental health care. Common career paths for graduates of first aid bachelor’s degree programs include those of emergency medical health technicians, first aid program trainers, mental health workers or lifeguards. Some graduates choose to return to school after earning a Bachelor in First Aid to pursue an even higher academic designation. 

Our database is a great resource for reviewing the many first aid bachelor’s degree programs offered online by schools around the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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