Bachelor in Dental and Oral Care in Ajman in United Arab Emirates

Top Bachelor Degrees in Dental and Oral Care in Ajman in United Arab Emirates

Dental and Oral Care

Education in the United Arab Emirates has its benefits: sun, sea, sand, tax-free earnings after graduation and some of the best universities in the Gulf region.In addition, a number of highly ranked universities based in other countries have branch campuses in the UAE.

Top Bachelor Degrees in Dental and Oral Care in Ajman in United Arab Emirates 2017

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Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D)

Gulf Medical University
Campus Full time 5 years United Arab Emirates Ajman

The DMD program is a five-year program (10 semesters). The first two years of the curriculum are designed to educate students in biomedical and behavioral sciences. During the third and fourth year, students will concentrate on preclinical dental science courses followed by dental clinical courses providing a valuable clinical experience. [+]

Bachelors in Dental and Oral Care in Ajman United Arab Emirates. The DMD program is a five-year program (10 semesters). The first two years of the curriculum are designed to educate students in biomedical and behavioral sciences. During the third and fourth year, students will concentrate on preclinical dental science courses followed by dental clinical courses providing a valuable clinical experience. Comprehensive patient care is taught in the fifth year with special considerations to management of the medically compromised patients. These clinical training sessions are carried out under the strict supervision of qualified faculty members. Students who fulfill the graduation requirements and successfully demonstrate the achievement of competencies will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). The DMD program will educate students to become competent dentists, dedicated to serve the community and will practice dentistry with the highest level of ethical and moral standards. The curriculum focuses and emphasizes the importance of research and encourages student participation in research activities. This program is tailored to meet the needs of the dental students in the region. Goals, outcomes, effectiveness and curriculum practice, prepare a generation of general dental practitioners with clinical competency; produce graduates who possess the knowledge, skills and values to begin the practice of general dentistry serving citizens in UAE or any other geographic location of their practice. Goals Maintain a high standard of dental education, research and services. Produce competent, confident and high employable dentists. Widening access to higher education by producing highly competent graduates that are capable of carrying out postgraduate studies at local and international universities. Enable graduates to develop their capacity to learn and to become independent learners. Provide broad based scientifically strong education in dentistry that equips the graduates to enter all areas of the profession and to adapt to changes that may occur during their professional life. Produce graduates who are able to communicate and deliver dental care both in community and hospital settings. Ensure that students acquire clear understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities towards their communities and humanity at large. Participating in the process of improving and implementing oral health care in UAE in cooperation with public and private sectors. Cooperating with local and international dental education and research centers in the field of research in order to enhance scientific knowledge in oral medicine and dental health care. Participating in local and international scientific meetings. Mission The DMD program aims to promote dental education and enhance dental practice through a broad spectrum of knowledge, simulations and clinical practice. It aims to prepare a generation of general dental practitioners with clinical competency, possessing the knowledge, skills, and values to begin the practice of general dentistry serving UAE citizens or at any other geographic location of their choice. Career Opportunities As a General Dentist In Private practice In Public Health facilities and centers In an academic Position As a researcher Admission Requirements All applicants shall meet all admission criteria as laid down in the Standards published by the Commission for Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE and listed below: The applicant must have completed a minimum of 12 years of education in school and passed courses in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Higher Secondary School. Students who complete their secondary school education as per UK curriculum must have completed at least two of the three science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in ‘AS’ levels or ‘A’ levels provided they have passed in all the three subjects in their ‘O’ levels. The minimum grade required is ‘C’ or ‘D’ in ‘AS’ or ‘A’ level in Chemistry, Biology or Physics. The applicant must have secured a minimum of 80% marks as per U.A.E. Secondary School education standards or its equivalent in each of the three science subjects. The applicant must have completed 17 years of age on or before the 31st of December of the year of admission. The applicant must be proficient in spoken and written English and Sciences terminology. The applicant must have completed a course in English language proficiency such as TOEFL (180 CBT, 70IBT) or its equivalent in a standardized English language test, such as 5.0 IELTS or any other equivalent internationally recognized test. The applicant shall appear for a personal interview before the GMU Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee shall evaluate all applicants for both cognitive and non-cognitive traits demonstrating their aptitude for the chosen area of study. Applicants shall submit all academic documents and official transcripts / credits / grades / marks duly attested by the Ministry of Education, U.A.E. and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E. or U.A.E. Embassy in their country on admission into the program. On admission, the student shall submit a copy of the applicant’s passport and a copy of UAE nationality ID (Khulasat Al-Kayd), a Certificate of Good Conduct. A medical fitness certificate including blood test results, six recent color photographs, a written pledge by the applicant agreeing to comply with University rules and regulations, the application form duly filled up with complete details, a receipt for payment of a nonrefundable fee towards admission. All information regarding admissions shall appear in the catalog and in any other forms of advertisement circulated by the University. [-]

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Ajman University
Campus Full time 5 years September 2017 United Arab Emirates Ajman

This is a five-year undergraduate program leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). The study program and curriculum is at par with that of renowned international universities and dental institutes. [+]

Overview This is a five-year undergraduate program leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). The study program and curriculum is at par with that of renowned international universities and dental institutes. Program Objectives The DDS program aims to: educate and train a new generation of competent dental surgeons, who will be able to provide high quality comprehensive oral healthcare with emphasis on prevention emphasize on the prevention and early detection of oral and dental diseases as an integral part of the curriculum provideeducationalexperiencesforstudentsusingacomprehensivepatientcaremodel provide community dentistry services that meet world-class standards establish national recognition in term of academia by the concerned authorities and the public Program Outcomes The COD has specified learning outcomes based on the three dimensions of the work of a dentist. The definition of the three essential elements of a competent and reflective practitioner are: a) What the dentist is able to do - technical intelligence b) How a dentist approaches his/her practice - intellectual, emotional, analytical and creative intelligence c) The dentist as a professional - personal intelligence Eleven domains related to the three essential elements have been identified. These are: A. “What the dentist is able to do”: Clinical information-gathering - taking a full patient history, undertaking a comprehensive patient examination and arranging and interpreting appropriate investigations Treatment planning - planning a suitable course of treatment in line with the patient’s needs and wishes, and recognizing when referral is appropriate Treatment procedures -carrying out specific treatment interventions required to restore/maintain the patient’s oral health These tasks represent the practical aspects of patient care, but the dentist brings much more than practical skills to the patient encounter. B. “How a dentist approaches his/her practice” - or what a dentist brings to the treatment of each patient: Application of basic clinical sciences - using knowledge of the basic medical and clinical sciences to ensure appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Clinical reasoning and judgment - using knowledge, evidence and professional judgment to arrive at solutions appropriate to the patient’s needs and wishes. Communication - demonstrating appropriate communication skills with patients, relatives and other healthcare professionals. Health promotion - recognizing the importance of disease prevention and health promotion and conveying this as appropriate to individual patients and the wider community. Attitudes, ethical stance and legal responsibilities - recognizing ethical, professional and legal responsibilities and displaying appropriate attitudes and behavior. Information handling - demonstrating accurate record keeping and knowing where and how to source and analyze information relevant to effective clinical practice. C. “The dentist as a professional”: Role of the dentist within the health service - understanding the different dimensions of the dental profession and accepting the responsibilities of being part of that profession. Personal development - accepting responsibility for personal, career and continuing professional development. Career Opportunities Graduates of the College will have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from, in addition to continuing higher education (Masters and PhD degrees) in one of the following specialties: Endodontics Periodontics Prosthodontics Operative Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Radiology and Oral Medicine Dental Public Health Implantology Aesthetic Dentistry Oral Pathology Graduates may wish to take advanced courses in Oral Surgery, Implantology and other clinical specialties, or they may choose to work in research facilities. Those who prefer to practice in UAE will be able to do so provided that they pass the UAE Licensing Exams. Graduates are subject to the regulations of the UAE licensing authorities with regard to the type of examination and certification criteria. Graduation Requirements Students will be awarded the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree upon fulfillment of the following requirements: Completing successfully the required credit hours (199 Credit Hours),including the University requirement courses, with an accumulative grade point average (CGPA) not less than C, otherwise students should take, during the following semester(s), clinical subjects as suggested by the academic advisor to fulfill this graduation requirement. Completing successfully the required clinical cases during the clinical phase in addition to the mandatory two months internal clinical training during summer. Submitting & defending a research project before an academic committee of the College. Study Plan First Year First Semester 0120101 Physics (Dentistry) 0700 126 General Chemistry / Dentistry 0801 110 English for Special Purposes - Dentistry 0801 111 Integrated Biological Sciences I 0801 112 Histology & Cell Biology 0103 110 Statistics 0104 110 Computer Applications Second Semester 0700 236 Biochemistry (Dentistry) 0801 121 Integrated Biological Sciences II 0801 122 Oral Histology 0801 123 Head & Neck Anatomy I 0102 140 Communication Skills in Arabic Language Xxx xxx Elective Course Second Year First Semester 0102 110 Islamic Culture 0700 239 Pharmacology I (Dentistry) 0801210 Psychology & Behavioral Sciences 0801 213 Head & Neck Anatomy II 0801 214 Microbiology & Immunology 0801 215 Pathology 0802 213 Biomaterials Second Semester 0700 240 Pharmacology II (Dentistry) 0801 226 General Medicine & Infectious Diseases 0801 227 General Surgery & ENT 0802 221 Introduction to Oral & Dental Diseases 0802 222 Dental Anatomy & Occlusion 0802 228 Four Handed Dentistry & Infection Control 0804 221 Oral Radiology I Third Year First Semester 0802 315 Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry I 0802 316 Pre-Clinical Prosthodontics I 0802 317 Pre-Clinical Endodontics I 0803 311 Preventive Dentistry & Nutrition 0803 312 Pre-Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I 0804 312 Pre-Clinical Periodontics I 0804 313 Pre-Clinical Oral Surgery I & Pain Control 0804 314 Oral Pathology-I Second Semester 0802 325 Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry II 0802 326 Pre-Clinical Prosthodontics II 0802 327 Pre-Clinical Endodontics II 0803 322 Pre-Clinical Pediatric Dentistry II 0803 323 Pre-Clinical Orthodontics 0804 322 Pre-Clinical Periodontics II 0804 323 Pre-Clinical Oral Surgery II & CPR 0804 324 Oral Pathology-II Fourth Year First Semester 0802 415 Clinical Operative Dentistry I 0802 416 Clinical Prosthodontics I 0802 417 Clinical Endodontics I 0803 412 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I 0803 413 Clinical Orthodontics I 0804 410 Oral Diagnosis / Oral Medicine 0804 412 Clinical Periodontics I 0804 413 Clinical Oral Surgery I 0804 411 Oral Radiology II Second Semester 0103 130 Research Methodology / Dentistry 0802 425 Clinical Operative Dentistry II 0802 426 Clinical Prosthodontics II 0802 427 Clinical Endodontics II 0803 422 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry II 0803 423 Clinical Orthodontics II 0804 422 Clinical Periodontics- II 0804 423 Clinical Oral Surgery II In-Campus Training Program : This in-campus clinical training program is held at the end of the eighth semester. 805435 Internal Clinical Training Fourth Year Fifth Year First Semester 0805 511 Treatment Planning & Seminars I 0802 519 Clinical Dentistry I 0802 511 Geriatric Dentistry 0802 510 Ethics 0803 510 Applied Biostatistics 0804 515 Emergency Dental Care 0804 518 Implantology Xxx xxx Elective Course Second Semester 0805 521 Treatment Planning & Seminars II 0805 522 Research Project 0802 529 Clinical Dentistry II 0805 523 Practice Management 0805 524 Equipment Maintenance 0804 526 Hospital Dentistry 0804 527 Lasers & Modern Technology Xxx xxx Elective Course Internal Training Program : The internal clinical training program is held at the end of the tenth semester. 805535 Internal Clinical Training Fifth Year Admission Requirements Admission is based on the following requirements: A UAE secondary school certificate,science section,or its equivalent, with a grade of not less than B (80 percent). Priority is given to students with higher grades in the following subjects: Biology Physics Chemistry English proficiency test(TOEFL score of 500 or above, or the equivalent) Personal interview Health Fitness Certificate. [-]