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Dental Technician

A bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary undergraduate program offered by many colleges. The course of study normally includes two years of general education followed by two years of classes focusing on a particular subject or topic.

You may be asking yourself, what is a Bachelor in Dental Technician? The program teaches students to use their artistic talents to create various prosthetic devices and appliances for the mouth. Coursework varies depending on the school, but common classes include organic chemistry, biology of human health, dental materials and technology, dental technology research, practice management, and applied design for orthodontics.

There are many benefits of earning a dental technician bachelor’s degree. In addition to the opportunity to obtain a higher skilled and better paying job, students with this degree tend to be more stable and secure socially and economically. Most tend to have close attention to detail and work with a high degree of accuracy.

The cost of earning a bachelor’s degree depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of degree, whether the institution is public or private, and the amount of time required for the program. You should contact the admissions office of the school offering the program that interests you to determine tuition and enrollment fees.

Graduates of a dental technician bachelor’s degree program may find employment in dental laboratory settings. Many also work closely with dentists using custom molds of patients’ mouths to create appliances. Some prefer to specialize in using particular materials, such as porcelain or ceramic. Job opportunities include traveling dental technicians, professional dental assisting educators, and orthodontic crown specialists.

International opportunities for bachelor’s degrees make it easier to enroll in the program. Online learning modules are a plus for busy professionals and people without access to a school. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Bachelor In Dentistry

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2017 Brazil Aracaju

Smile is serious. Taking care of oral health is essential to keep the body in harmony. [+]

Bachelors in Dental Technician. Smile is serious. Taking care of oral health is essential to keep the body in harmony. Dentistry has over the years been characterized by its development in relation to their new restorative techniques as well as on prevention, through the development of new materials and a strong government policy, aiming to release trained professionals in the labor market to minimize problems oral health of the population. Job market Smiling is always the best medicine, and people can not be deprived of it. The increase in income of the population has warmed the dental market, as well as the federal government investments in public policies for oral health. It should be highlighted the health programs of Family and Smiling Brazil, covering the entire national territory, in addition to basic health units. You can also open your office. Private clinics have specialized in orthodontics, implantology, dental work, temporo dysfunction and orofacial pain, enabling special performance spaces. Another possibility is to enter into the area of ​​research. The search for improvement of equipment and services leads Brazil to be the 13th country with the largest representation in survey number in global dentistry. Soon after the completion of the course, starting salaries surpass R $ 2,500. Throughout the career average salary exceeds R $ 9,000. Study in Facipe is to be ahead of your time and aim for a future of many achievements. Occupation area The dentist has a central role in preventing major maxillo-facial diseases that affect the population, can carry out their activities in public, government or state services, or any institution that has as its objective the prevention aspects and promotion the health of the population. As a liberal professional, is able to exercise its activities in hospitals and emergency rooms, private clinics and offices, preventing and maintaining oral health, curing diseases and restoring aesthetics, speech and masticatory function. You can also work in teaching and research institutions, conduct legal expertise in legal issues, given their knowledge about the structures dento-maxillofacial related to dental practice area, as well as act in public and private institutions in the field of dentistry Labor controlling absenteeism, dealing with psychological nature issues, ergonomic and safety issues and legisperícia. General objective Form Dental professionals with solid theoretical and scientific knowledge and practical, with humanistic and ethical training aimed at improving the dental health of the framework of the community through educational, preventive and curative actions, both at the individual and the collective, and develop administrative capacity, management and leadership in community health services. Specific objectives Educate students about the importance of implementation of the biosecurity standards in professional practice; Enable the student to diagnose oral problems, developing the skills for collection, observation and interpretation of the data within the professional and ethical secrecy; Develop actions in inter- and multidisciplinary groups of public or private, working interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, emphasizing the promotion of oral health; Stimulate knowledge of the problems of this world, emphasizing its relationship with health issue, in particular, national and regional; Community service, individually and collectively, contributing to the improvement of health conditions, establishing a harmony with the community relationship; Develop a humanistic education and ethics in professional, valuing the man as a biopsychosocial in its field of action; Enable the student to plan, coordinate, participate, manage and implement health actions aimed at the community's well-being; Promote the extension, open to the participation of the population in order to disseminate the achievements and benefits of scientific and technological research and cultural creation generated in the institution; Encourage research work and clinical and scientific research, strictly observing the technical standards for the development of science and technology and the creation and dissemination of culture; Raise the desire for constant professional and cultural improvement and enable its corresponding implementation, integrating the knowledge that will be acquired in a systemising intellectual structure of knowledge of each generation; To develop the entrepreneurial spirit, manager, employer or leader in their field; Organize, coordinate, participate in multidisciplinary team, as part of their training, managing and executing actions aimed at the community's well-being, based on the commitment, responsibility, empathy, both in the field of physical and material resources and information. [-]