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A bachelor is a four-year degree that allows students to choose their concentration and field of study. Many schools offer part-time schooling options so that students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree can do so even while working or caring for family.

Earning an online degree from a school can likely lead to a promotion and/or salary raise, or prepare you for a new career. Even if classroom training may be considered more traditional, online education is advantageous in its own right. There is a mixture of degree programs, and individual classes offered through online learning organizations. It is not unheard of for tuition costs for online courses to be lower than that of a conventional school, although this is certainly not reliable of all online programs.

Students who complete a part of their degree in Asia are growing in numbers. Currently, the second and the third biggest economies are in Asia. Without limitation, students have described their time in Asia as the best experience of their lives. Today, three of the four most populated countries of the world are in Asia: China, India, and Indonesia.

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Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Medicine

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines
Online 2 years Open Enrollment India Kolkata

The total number of subjects is eleven. Compulsory Subjects: Human Body Structure (Anatomy), Human Body Function (Physiology), Human Body Disorders (Pathology) [+]

Top Online Bachelor Degrees in Acupuncture in Asia. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta (Kolkata), India is an internationally-recognized holistic medicine training institute offering distance learning courses to students all over the world. We offer diploma courses, undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in a range of alternative medicine disciplines including Naturopathy; Medicinal Herbalism; Reflexology; Reiki Therapy among many others. All of our courses are taught through English.    Bachelor Degree Programs: Indian Board of Alternative Medicines offers two types of Bachelor degree courses:  Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Medicine: Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Medicine (B.A.M.S. (A.M.) / B.A.S.M.) - 2 years. The total number of subjects is eleven.  Compulsory Subjects (7): 1. Human Body Structure (Anatomy) 2. Human Body Function (Physiology)  3. Human Body Disorders (Pathology) 4. Natural Health Laws (Hygiene) 5. Description of Diseases & its Management (Practice of Medicine)  6. Women Diseases (Gynecology & Obstetrics) 7. Medical Ethics & Laws (Medical Jurisprudence)  Elective Subjects (4): Four alternative therapies of student's choice. Bachelor's Degree in the following list of therapies - 2 years: Naturopathy & Yoga; Reiki Healing; Acupressure & Magnetotherapy; Medicinal Herbalism; Medical Astrology; Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy; Electro-Homoeopathy; Hypnotherapy; Aroma Therapy; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Radiesthesia & Radionics; Iridology Science; Chiropractic; Acupuncture; Holistic Health & Nutrition; Reflexology  The total number of subjects in any of the degree programmes listed above is eight. Compulsory Subjects (7): 1. Human Body Structure (Anatomy) 2. Human Body Function (Physiology) 3. Human Body Disorders (Pathology)  4. Natural Health Laws (Hygiene)  5. Description of Diseases... [-]