Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy ( Physiotherapy, Kinesitherapy and Medical rehabilitation )


Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

(Balneology, physical therapy and rehabilitation)

Balneology, physical therapy, and rehabilitation = Clinical education across diverse areas of practice

  • Number of years: 3 years medical bachelor degree, 180 credits
  • Number of students: 45 students/year
  • FEE: 3000 euro/year

What is the Physiotherapy?

  • Independent and autonomous professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies, prepared to have a key role in health systems, taking their own decisions.
  • Physiotherapy provides services to individuals and populations in circumstances where movement and function are or could be, threatened by ageing, injury, pain, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.
  • Physiotherapy promotes the active participation in society through the development, maintenance and restoration of health, movement capacity, physical activity and functional ability throughout the lifespan.

What the physiotherapist do?

  • diagnoses the functional medical problems;
  • provides treatment, assisting the person to restore movement and/or avoid injuring themselves further;
  • seeks input from other health professionals if required;
  • helps the person to achieve the best possible rehabilitation, activity, and quality of life.

Where the physiotherapist works?

  • Hospitals
  • Health Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Private practice
  • Schools
  • Occupational health and safety roles at workplaces
  • Cosmetic, spa and Wellness Centers.

Learning outcomes of the study program

  • Physical therapy techniques, and kinesiological, prophylactic and motor rehabilitation assistance;
  • Electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy and massage techniques;
  • The evaluation of the patients’ anatomical and functional status and the communication of the significant data to the specialized physician;
  • Devising strategies and establishing the stages of the individual treatment plans based on static and dynamic physical exercises, chosen in accordance with the clinical diagnosis;
  • Application of physical therapy and medical rehabilitation programs in order to restore diminished functions, to increase functional levels and to develop compensatory mechanisms;
  • Use of verbal and nonverbal communication in the relation with the patient or with other members of the rehabilitation team;
  • Importance and observance of medical ethics and deontology.

Admission Process:

The documents required in order to enroll in Physiotherapy study program:
- Standardized Application Form for the issue of the Letter of Acceptance to study (non-E.U. states) / Certificate form (E.U. states) (2 copies), completely filled out and signed;
- 2 copies and 2 certified translations of the Baccalaureate Diploma, or an equivalent to the Baccalaureate Diploma certified by the relevant authority in the issuing country, including the grades obtained in the Baccalaureate exam.
- 2 copies and 2 certified translations of high-school transcripts or study records. In case the document is not written in French or English, 2 original copies of certified Romanian, French or English translations are mandatory.
- Birth certificate – 2 copies and 2 certified translations
- A copy of the document specifying the permanent home address in the country of origin (issued by the respective Town Hall or the Prefecture).
- A copy of the passport (pages 1, 2, 3 and 4) valid for at least 6 months following acceptance to study at the University
- A medical certificate from the country of origin or residence containing proof of hepatitis B vaccination, information whether or not the candidate is registered as suffering from chronic diseases, a mention that the candidate does not suffer from contagious diseases or other diseases incompatible with the future profession, and the candidate’s psychiatric evaluation.

- 2 certified copies of the certificate of language skills in the language of tuition, with level B2 / independent user as the minimal accepted level, for all four language skills (writing, reading, listening, speaking) with the exception of citizens of states where English is an official language (Great Britain, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, India, Canada and South Africa ).


Professor Anca-Irina Galaction
Dean, Faculty of Medical Bioengineering, Iasi, Romania
Phone/WhatsApp: 004 0726 104955
Last updated Apr 2020

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