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Program Description

South University is currently offering a new format in addition to on-campus classes, called  South VR [South Virtual Remote] which is a live instruction, interactive virtual classroom experience. This temporary learning format that was created to help our students continue their education remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree program at South University Savannah is based on the premise that successful healthcare managers need to have strong business skills. This program is designed to provide students with the necessary foundation to seek entry-level employment in the healthcare services industry. The foundation of management theory and business course skills affords students the opportunity to use the analytic approaches in their healthcare management courses that can be transferred into the healthcare services environment. The BS in Healthcare Management program equips you with the skills you need to propel your career forward and keep up with this changing field with a combination of business and healthcare courses as well as management training.

In the Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program, you’ll discover how to apply business concepts to the healthcare services industry. The curriculum for our Online Healthcare Management degree program is carefully designed around recommendations from The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) and is led by faculty members who bring a wide variety of industry and academic experiences to their classrooms.


Graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze real-world business problems in healthcare organizations understanding the framework in which healthcare services are produced, coordinated, consumed, and reimbursed.
  • Integrate human resource, marketing, finance, and information management skills into the analysis for healthcare settings.
  • Develop ethical and professional solutions for healthcare business challenges.
  • Analyze contemporary strategic planning and decision-making in healthcare to assess alternative management solutions in healthcare-related problems and challenges.
  • Evaluate critical issues in acute and long-term care environments from the perspectives of the healthcare stakeholders.

Career Outlook

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree online program is designed to prepare you to handle the responsibilities of entry-level positions at:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Ambulatory care facilities
  • Physician practices
  • Insurance organizations
  • Health-related research and development firms
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies


Course Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management: 180 Credits

Area I General Education Requirements: 64-68 Credits

Professional Development

  • ITS1000 Computer and Internet Literacy, 4 Credit Hours
  • UVC1000 Strategies for Success, 4 Credit Hours

Basic Communications

  • ENG1100 Composition I, 4 Credit Hours
  • ENG1200 Composition II, 4 Credit Hours
  • ENG1300 Composition III, 4 Credit Hours
  • SPC1026 Public Speaking, 4 Credit Hours

Mathematics and Statistics

  • MAT2058 Statistics, 4 Credit Hours
  • Choose two additional courses from the following:
    • MAT1001 College Algebra I, 4 Credit Hours
    • MAT1005 College Algebra II, 4 Credit Hours
    • MAT1500 College Mathematics, 4 Credit Hours

Natural Sciences (choose two)

  • BIO1020 Biology I, 4 Credit Hours
  • BIO1021 Biology II, 4 Credit Hours
  • CHM1010 General Chemistry, 4 Credit Hours
  • BIO1011 Anatomy and Physiology I, 4 Credit Hours
    (must be taken concurrently with BIO1012 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab)*
  • BIO1012 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab, 2 Credit Hours
  • BIO1013 Anatomy and Physiology II, 4 Credit Hours
    (must be taken concurrently with BIO1014 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab)*
  • BIO1014 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab, 2 Credit Hours

*If a BS Healthcare Management student chooses to take an Anatomy and Physiology course, only BIO1011 and BIO1013 satisfy the Natural Sciences requirement. Students enrolling in either course must, however, also take the related co-requisite lab courses: BIO1012 and BIO1014 respectively. Students electing this option for their Natural Sciences requirement will complete up to 184 credit hours of work for their degree, depending on their exact choice.

Arts and Humanities (choose two)

  • ENG2002 World Literature I: From the Ancient World to the Middle Ages, 4 Credit Hours
  • ENG2003 World Literature II: From Enlightenment to Modernity, 4 Credit Hours
  • ENG2011 Introduction to American Literature: 1865 to present, 4 Credit Hours
  • HIS1101 U.S. History I: Colonial to 1865, 4 Credit Hours
  • HIS1102 U.S. History II: 1865 to Present, 4 Credit Hours
  • HUM1001 History of Art through the Middle Ages, 4 Credit Hours
  • HUM1002 History of Art from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, 4 Credit Hours
  • HUM2101 World Civilization I: Prehistory to 1500 C.E., 4 Credit Hours
  • HUM2102 World Civilization II: 1500 to Present, 4 Credit Hours
  • PHI2301 Introduction to Philosophy, 4 Credit Hours
  • REL1001 World Religions, 4 Credit Hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • ECO2071 Principles of Microeconomics, 4 Credit Hours
  • ECO2072 Principles of Macroeconomics, 4 Credit Hours
  • Choose one additional course from the following:
    • PSY1001 General Psychology, 4 Credit Hours
    • SOC1001 Introduction to Sociology, 4 Credit Hours

Area II Foundation Requirements: 28 Credits

  • ACC1001 Accounting I, 4 Credit Hours
  • ACC1002 Accounting II, 4 Credit Hours
  • ACC1003 Accounting III, 4 Credit Hours
  • AHS1001 Medical Terminology, 4 Credit Hours
  • BUS2023 Business Communications, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM1201 Introduction to Healthcare Insurance Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM2004 Introduction to Healthcare Management, 4 Credit Hours

Area III Major Requirements: 88 Credits


  • HCM2005 Healthcare Delivery and Organization, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3002 Economics of Healthcare, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3004 Ethics and Law for Administrators, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3005 Healthcare Finance, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3006 Healthcare Marketing and Strategy, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3008 Health Information Management Systems, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3010 Long-Term Care, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3020 Managed Care, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3046 Managing the Healthcare Workforce, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM4002 Risk Management in Healthcare Settings, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM4005 Managerial Epidemiology in Healthcare Administration, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM4007 Leadership in Healthcare Organizations, 4 Credit Hours

Capstone Sequence

  • HCM4012 Case Studies in Healthcare Administration, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM4025 Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations, 4 Credit Hours

Elective Pool (eight courses or 32 credit hours)

Transfer students may transfer any course to help fulfill the elective pool requirements, provided the course meets the standards of the Credit for Transcripted and Non-transcripted Work policy found in the Academic Affairs section of this catalog.

Non-transfer students, with their advisor's consultation and approval, may choose courses from any department recommended and listed course or more broadly from any course offered by South University. Work from other fields must include any required prerequisite courses in the elective field.

A course can be used to meet only one requirement in Area I, Area II, or Area III, but not simultaneously in two areas. Students should work with their academic advisor or counselor to be sure they are making appropriate course choices.

Choose eight courses from the following list:

  • BUS1038 Business Law I, 4 Credit Hours
  • BUS1101 Introduction to Business, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3020 Managed Care, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM3030 Federal and State Healthcare Programs, 4 Credit Hours
  • HCM4010 Leadership in Healthcare Organizations - Internship, 4 Credit Hours
  • MGT2037 Principles of Management, 4 Credit Hours
  • MIS3101 Application of Management Information Systems, 4 Credit Hours
  • PHE2001 Introduction to Public Health, 4 Credit Hours
  • PHE3050 Public Health Policy, 4 Credit Hours**
  • PRL2100 Introduction to Public Relations, 4 Credit Hours
  • PSY2010 Abnormal Psychology, 4 Credit Hours**
  • SOC2010 Social Problems, 4 Credit Hours**

** Requires a prerequisite that may or may not satisfy Area I. If not, then prerequisite must be selected as an elective.

South University, Online Program offerings may not be available to residents of all states.  Please contact an admissions representative for further information.

Online Classroom

Haven’t experienced online learning before or wondering what it’s like to earn your degree online at South University? While the mode of learning is different from the traditional classroom experience with added convenience and flexibility, we hold the same high standards of academic excellence in the online classroom. 

South University’s online programs combine a curriculum designed for student outcomes and a classroom designed for flexibility and engagement. Our online classroom learning platform, Brightspace, provides you with a host of features to enhance your learning experience, including:

  • Advanced media content
  • Personalized navigation
  • Simplified online learning atmosphere
  • Access to digital books
  • Emailing and instant messaging options

We provide more than just an online classroom, bringing a range of campus experiences and services online. In addition, the online classroom is accessible on the go via mobile devices and with tools like the Pulse App. Pulse helps you stay connected and on track with your course by providing a number of features such as course calendars, readings and assignments, feedback and grades, and announcements.

How to apply

We make the application process as smooth as possible so you can start earning your degree right away. Our admissions representatives will guide you through our three-step process.

  1. To get started, call 888-444-3404, to speak with an Admissions Representative or fill out our request information form.
  2. An admissions representative will review our degree programs with you, give you an overview of the admissions process, and help you complete the application process. You can take a guided tour of our campus or a virtual tour online. Apply Now
  3. A Finance Counselor will work with you to discuss options and qualifications and to develop a payment plan that works for you. Programs with alternative application procedures.

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