Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement


Program Description

Exercise and Sport is a large and fast expanding global industry. Due to its important development, the demand for skilled exercise and sports science graduates is constantly inscreasing. As a field, exercise and sports science is concerned with the theoretical and practical application of scientific principles relating to individual subject disciplines. Today, science not only informs elite sport performances but also the teaching of physical education (PE) and important parts of the health sector. With performance margins between success and failure at sport becoming increasingly smaller and with world health problems for example obesity becoming increasingly bigger, it is exercise & sports science which makes the difference between winning and losing or between health and disease.

The Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement degree teaches students the required theoretical knowledge and practical expertise of scientific principles and knowledge underpinning motor learning, training adaptations, performance testing, exercise and sport physiology, human nutrition, anatomy & biomechanics and psychology which informs and educates this global industry.

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  • Duration: 3 years (full-time)
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Credits: 180 ECTS
  • Tuition fee: 750 € per month
  • Registration fee: 550 €, one-time fee
  • Language: English
  • Programme Starts: October

LUNEX University also offers a part-time degree option and the possibility to gain the "student-athlete status", ideally for applicants wishing to work or train/perform while studying for their degree.

Become a Exercise and Sports Science Expert

The Exercise & Sports Science programme is designed for students who are interested in gaining qualifications to become a exercise and sports science specialist and who want to work in professions related to teaching, coaching, injury prevention & rehabilitation, exercise and sport science or other associated areas.

The role of a sport and exercise scientist comprises the analysis, support and provision of testing and training in health/performance as well as disease/injury. Thus, students study theories and core competencies related to human movement in the areas of learning or relearning and optimisation of motor skills for diverse populations such as children, adolescents, (elite) athletes, the elderly or clinical populations.

Exercise & Sports Science Programme

The Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science – Human Movement starts with an induction week. Following this, subjects are taught in subject-specific modules which generally run over one, two or three weeks. In order to enhance and deepen their learning, students are required to read and study simultaneously outside of the lecture room.

Modules are underpinned by practical and laboratory classes throughout the studies. Thus, students physically and practically experience relevant training and testing situations and learn how to apply these in a real-world setting (e.g. translation of theoretical testing aspects into real-world testing scenarios). This hands-on experience not only supports learning but also teaches a large number of transferable skills, such as communication, organisation, time management, etc.

During their final year, students complete a Bachelor’s Thesis which comprises an independent research project. Applying all knowledge and skills learned, students work on their thesis under the guidance of a supervisor.

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Exercise & Sports Science Courses Overview:


- Psychology and Communication

- Anatomy

- Biomechanics

- Physiology

- Excursion (Winter)

- Motor Control and Learning

- Behaviour and Adaptation

- Internship

- Exercise Training & Testing

- Exercise Physiology


- Therapeutic Measurement Methods

- Optimising Motor Performance

- Coaching in Training and Rehabilitation

- Skills in Scientific Methods

- Learning Motor Skills

- Relearning Motor Skills I & II

- Excursion (Summer)

- Lifelong Learning and Coaching


- Relearning Motor Skills III

- Optimising Motor Performance

- Pathology

- Internship

- Skills in Scientific Methods

- Optional Module

- Bachelor’s Thesis

Foundation Programme: an optional preparatory course before starting the Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science

Before starting the Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science, each student has the possibility to improve his/her English level and/or to reinforce his/her knowledge in sciences (including chemistry, physics and biology) thanks to our “Foundation Programme”. It’s a preparatory programme that we have designed with the aim of helping students to prepare themselves before starting our Bachelor’s Degrees.

Complete your studies with a Master's degree in sports science

After our 3-year sports degree, students can continue their postgraduate studies with our 2-year Master programme in Sport and Exercise Science. Designed for sports enthusiasts, sport coaches and sports therapists, this degree programme enables students to deepen their knowledge and to use advanced scientific and practical methods in the fields of sport, training, performance analysis and health.

What we offer at LUNEX?

  • Being taught by world-class experts
  • 100% English courses
  • A personal degree and individual support
  • An optimal combination between theory and hands-on experience
  • Gaining an understanding of and competence in scientific methods, evidence-based practice, and methods for quality assurance
  • Getting involved in research
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Easy access to sports facilities
  • An international environment
  • Degree taught in line with the European academic level
  • A highly active sports and university student union community

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Employment Opportunities in Exercise & Sports Science

A exercise & sport science degree provides a great basis on which to build a career in the sports and health industry, as well as giving graduates highly transferable business an management skills. Examples of exercise and sports professions are:

  • Higher Education Lecturer
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Professional Sports Coach
  • Sports Development Officer
  • Sports Therapist
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Outdoor Activities/Education Manager
  • Fitness/Personal Trainer
  • Sports Science Support
  • Armed Force
  • Athletic Director

Application Process

Besides being passionate about exercise and sport, to be eligible for our Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science, applicants must have at least 12 years of school education or equivalent. Then you just have to fill in our online application form and to participate in one of our Application Days, which are composed of admission tests in English and sciences.

There is no application deadline, it is possible to apply throughout the year.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

LUNEX University is an international private school which focuses on research and teachings on the closely connected areas of health and fitness, sports, therapy and preventive medicine. At LUNEX, stu ... Read More

LUNEX University is an international private school which focuses on research and teachings on the closely connected areas of health and fitness, sports, therapy and preventive medicine. At LUNEX, students can evolve in an international learning environment and be equipped with new approaches and perspectives on the emerging fields of sports and health. Read less