Program Overview

MAHSA University’s Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) is a 4-year undergraduate degree program that prepares students for a career caring for and rehabilitating patients with neurological, respiratory, musculoskeletal or other debilitating conditions through the use of expert techniques to reduce pain, improve movement and restore muscle control to maximise mobility.

Students will immerse themselves in the study of systematic, regional and functional anatomy; physiology; pharmacology; pathology; the foundations of psychology; the foundations of physiotherapy; physiotherapy rehabilitation science; physiotherapy clinical practice; and health science research. They will also learn the use of physical manipulation of the anatomy to regulate muscles and nerves, the many exercises that can be performed for specific needs, and the uses of electrotherapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy in their rehabilitative efforts.

When students have completed this program, they will be qualified to

  • aid and rehabilitate patients with reduced mobility due to muscular, neurological, cardiovascular or respiratory conditions;
  • diagnose and assess physiological problems and devise treatment plans to improve patients’ mobility;
  • reduce pain and discomfort in patients in their physiotherapeutic efforts; encourage and cheer patients and give them moral support;
  • give sound advice to patients and their families and educate them about the improvement of their situations and the prevention of unwelcome conditions;
  • promote patient health and well-being;
  • write reports and maintain records of patients’ treatment and progress
  • manage clinical risks.

In other words, MAHSA’s Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) graduate will be able to perform the demanding tasks expected of a highly qualified physiotherapist.

Program Structure

Semester 1

  • Functional & Applied Anatomy Of Ms System – Upper Limb PTFAMS 2113
  • Functional & Applied Anatomy Of Ms System – Lower Limb & Spine PTFAMS 2114
  • Physiotherapy Skill I: Electrotherapy I PTPSEL 2112
  • Communication PTCOM 2112
  • Professional Development I: Physiotherapy As A Profession PTPD 2112
  • English For Academic Purposes (Compulsory) ENG 6112
  • U1(Titas)/ U1( Bm Komunikasi 2) MPU 3123/MPU 3143

Semester 2

  • Physiotherapy Skill II: Exercise Therapy & Manual Skills I PTPSEM 2122
  • Physiotherapy Skill III: Movement And Handling PTPSMH 2123
  • Applied Anatomy And Physiology Of Cardiorespiratory System PTAPCR 2124
  • Clinical Practice In Physiotherapy: Related Issues PTCPPR 2122
  • Professional Development III: Introduction To Health Care System PTPD 2122
  • English For Academic Writing (Compulsory) ENG 6212
  • U1(Hubungan Etnik)/ U1 (Malaysian Studies- In English) MPU3113/ MPU 3173
  • Clinical Exposure PTCE 2122

Semester 3

  • Physiotherapy Skill IV:Electrotherapy II PTPSEL 2212
  • Physiotherapy Skill V: Exercise Therapy & Manual Skills II PTPSEM 2212
  • Applied Anatomy And Physiology In Neurology PTAPN 2214
  • Physiology Practice In Musculoskeletal I PTPPMS 2214
  • Physiotherapy Practice In Cardiorespiratory I: Respiratory Conditions PTPPCR 2214
  • Clinical Practice I (Ms/Cr) PTCP 2214

Semester 4

  • Physiotherapy Practice In Neurology I PTPPN 2223
  • Physiology Practice In Musculoskeletal II PTPPMS 2223
  • Physiotherapy Practice In Cardiorespiratory II: Cardiac Conditions PTPPCR 2222
  • Research Methods I: Introduction To Research Process PTRM 2223
  • U2 (Entrepreneurship) MPU 3243
  • Clinical Practice II (Ms/Cr/N) PTCP 2224

Semester 5

  • Physiotherapy Practice In Neurology II PTPPN 2313
  • Physiology Practice In Musculoskeletal III PTPPMS 2314
  • Research Methods I: Writing Research Proposal PTRM 2313
  • Clinical Reasoning PTCLR 2312
  • U2 (Comparative Religion) MPU 3342
  • Clinical Practice III (Ms/Cr/N) PTCP 2314

Semester 6

  • Physiotherapy Practice In Geriatrics PTPPG 2323
  • Physiotherapy Practice In Women’s Health PTPPWH 2322
  • Physiotherapy Practice In Paediatrics PTPPP 2324
  • U4 (Community Work - 2) MPU 3422
  • Clinical Practice Iv(Ms/Cr/N & Geriatrics/Paediatrics/Others) PTCP 2326

Semester 7

  • Physiotherapy Practice In Sports PTPPS 2413
  • Physiotherapy Practice In Occupational Health PTPPOH 2412
  • Elective Placement PTEP 2414
  • Clinical Practice V(Ms/Cr/N & Geriatrics/Paediatrics/Others) PTCP 2416

Semester 8

  • Research Project PTRP 2426
  • Clinical Practice Vi(Ms/Cr/N & Geriatrics/Paediatrics/Others) PTCP 2426

Entry Requirement

  • Pass STPM/Matriculation/Pre-University or equivalent qualification with minimum GPA 2.33 in 2 of the following subjects: Biology/Physics or Mathematics/Chemistry
  • A-Levels or equivalent qualification with minimum Grade D in 2 of the following subjects: Biology/Physics or Mathematics/Chemistry
  • Recognized Diploma with CGPA less than 2.75 in related field and a minimum of 3 years (36 months) working experience in the related field
  • English Proficiency: Malaysian candidates: MUET Band 3 or IELTS (5.5)/TOEFL (550) International candidates: IELTS (5.5)/TOEFL (550) paper-based or equivalent
  • South Australian Matriculation (SAM): Score 12 in 3 subjects including Chemistry & Biology/Physics & 1 other subject
  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Minimum score 24 including Chemistry & Biology/Physics
  • Recognized Diploma with minimum CGPA of 2.75 in related field
  • UEC: Minimum Grade B in 5 subjects including Chemistry & Biology/Physics
  • CPU/CIMP/Ontario Secondary School Diploma/Western Australian Curriculum Council/HSC/UNSW/New Zealand Bursary/ American High School with Advanced Placement (AP): 60% for 3 subjects including Chemistry & Biology/Physics & 1 other subject

Career Opportunities

  • Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy Manager
  • Physical Therapy Specialist


  • Quality: The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) is designed in consultation with a panel of local and international experts, resulting in a highly sought after curriculum that combines theoretical learning and practical sessions in physiotherapy centres and hospitals.
  • Clinical Exposure: Students of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) gain experience in our rather exhaustive list of panel of hospitals throughout Malaysia
  • Affordable: Tuition fees for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
  • Recognition: The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) is approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and recognized by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
  • Awarded by MAHSA University: The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) is awarded by MAHSA University, a leader in Medical and Health Science Education in Malaysia
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