Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Medicine

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Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Medicine

International Oriental College

Bachelor in Chinese Medicine

Ready to get serious about Daoist Medicine and Wudang Taiji Gongfu?

We offer clear cut Bachelor and Master programs in Chinese medicine and Wudang Daoist Taiji Gongfu sports based on a 2000 hours apprenticeship program.

The study load of each Bachelor / Master program is 480 contact hours minimum per level. the total study load is expected to be about 5x that amount. You can follow it is a full term program or as a share time course. It is the only program that actually teaches you the profession from real traditional cultural and scientific values. The short courses are about 30 contact hours each.

The purpose of your Bachelor learning curve is to get you knowledgeable and skillful in Chinese medicine health exercises, restoring youthfulness and proper body form, and managing tensions, posture and food disciplines. Practice is the foundation of theory, theory is the beginning of perfecting practice. All Chinese medicine ethics demand that one learns principles of medicine through self-realisation. Chinese medicine health exercises in our program originate from Daoist Wudang gongfu, which is considered the other half of Chinese medicine ever since the development of these skills a 1000 years ago. It is a prerequisite to understand the language of Chinese medicine in relationship to body experience, to understand the language in relationship to disease and to develop proper modelling skills for health according to Chinese Medicine. The 16 module content is:

Studies in basic research and science; studies in Chinese cultural science; studies in Chinese physiological anatomy; principles of yangsheng health theory and practice; Wudang Daoland Taiji 13; Wudang gongfu fitness and yoga; Daoist chairmassage and mobilisation massage;TCM dietary regimen; beauty treatment with acupuncture for facelifting and slimming; self-cultivation through wudang daoist alchemy as reflected in 3rd level practice of zhongwujigong daoyin. every subject is finalized through reporting and a final paper which is used to complete the bachelor paper.

The final title on your bachelor paper depends on how you developed content of your studies. 25% of your studies you have to fill in as a specialization of choice. This can be anything from cultural content to former job or educational experiences.

Your interests are…?

Are you interested in massage, acupuncture, diet therapy, herbal medicine, yoga, qigong or esoteric/spiritual studies? Are you interested in the cultural and scientific aspect of it (being pre-modern East Asian), or in where the west has appropriated it (medicalized it)?

Chinese medicine and Gongfu studies traditionally integrate all skills of them in one package, and only at the International oriental College we offer you these traditional practices. We offer them in a transcultural learning style so that you can assimilate them easily and make your own choices as how to build your career in this profession and how to use them in your personal lifestyle. In China itself we find Daoist, Confucian, Buddhist and other variations in approach to medicine, and currently it is the widest dispersed medicine system in the world but it is totally non-organized. You learn to see it from traditional perspectives and from modern perspectives so that you can connect either direction with colleagues and scientists. Your study will be a personal quest to improve on yourself as a foundation for learning how to help others. You will learn all the skills expected from Wudang Daoist Spiritual Warriors, the Alchemy of how to become immortal or invincible, but most surely you learn the science of Holist Chinese medicine and be ready to help your fellow people.

  • If you are interested in studies of Chinese medicine you should also be interested in studies of Gongfu.
  • If you are interested in studies of Gongfu you should also be interested in studies of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine and martial arts are an integral whole, including scientific purpose, artistic expression as a means to achieve health for the practitioners and his or her community. Traditionally Medicine belonged to the study of Daoism, culminating in the Song dynasty (960-1279) in the first Holist medicine system in the world. In fact studying medicine as based on traditional values is considered the same as studying Dao.

Why are you interested in the study of Chinese Medicine, or East Asian Medicine in general? Why are you interested in martial arts?

Is it the Holism that attracts you or is it the Chinese culture? In that case we can say that they are inherently the same. Chinese culture produced an animist form of medicine that by necessity is holist, but also that includes the care for oneself in the care of the other. Chinese medicine and martial arts studies are as much a career move as a stepping stone in personal development. It follows its own exclusive learning pattern, that is -truth be said- ignored at almost any current learning platform of Chinese medicine. This program allows you to learn both the Chineseness as the holist of Chinese medicine, while still being able to adapt to the more modernist and superficial systems that are current. The result of this program is that you can develop yourself as a true leader in the field of Chinese Medicine, and depending on your effort in your martial arts studies, to become a true spiritual warrior.

How to develop yourself in Chinese medicine and gongfu?

Our program allows for gradual and swift development of prowess, fitness, finesse, elegance and so on, all signs of superior understanding of life. Crude movements, bumping into things, lack of balance, noisiness, tiredness, overweight, lack of intellectual and physical curiosity, addictions, dependency, and other signs of premature aging are all signs of losing touch with life. Our study aims to help you yourself first and your future clients and students second. Your achievements are the foundations for your understanding and your understanding has to help you develop superior quality inn the work you offer. It is a true alternative for biomedical science, but does not neglect it.

How much time will your study take?

You have to complete 16 modules. some of them are online and some or them are practical. For these practice studies and discussion days you are obliged to be present. If you wish to develop towards non-clinical professions some of the skills may be donned. But on average you will need 2-4 hours per day for theoretical and practical development.

What is the price of your study?

Many short courses easily will cost you about 500-1000 euro, while our are offered for 400 as single courses, for cluster packages or groups we offer further discounts.

A university study in a foreign country or even in your own country can be expensive. think of books, laptop, conferences.

Cost of studying and living

If you are considering studying in Utrecht you will need to know what it costs to support yourself. During your stay in Utrecht you can expect to spend between € 800 and € 1,000 a month on living expenses. Tuition fees are not included in this amount. While common tuition fees at Universities are easily a 2000 per year, we offer our degrees for 3000 two year only for either BA or MA,and if you take longer every year longer is only 1200 euro. Our fees are easy to pay off monthly or in one payment. It includes 250,- euros entrance fee to our online knowledge bank articles as a foundation for much of your theory studies and use of our unique and extensive reading library (no borrowing or lending).

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