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The distance learning program alt = "Medical Professionals with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is an on-the- job training course for people working in health, therapy and nursing professions." Access professions with a three-year training period are admitted for this study program, namely physiotherapy , occupational therapy, speech therapy, geriatric care, health -. and nursing in addition to an in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of the various fields of activity of health professionals gives the study in five semesters, in-depth knowledge in the social and economic sciences.

Bachelor studies alt = "Medical professions

The interdisciplinary study course alt = "Medical Professionals offers as a distance learning an ideal academic further qualification for all those working in therapy and nursing professions, who would like to continue their education parallel to a professional activity, for example, to take over leadership tasks or perform more effectively or lead their own therapeutic practice more efficiently For a better reconciliation of studies and work and a greater independence of the location, students can take part in the classroom lectures on Saturdays either in one of the many German-wide study centers of the DIPLOMA University or in a virtual variant with online lectures .

The students acquire medical, psychological, pedagogical, sociological and economic knowledge, which build on the previous professional qualification and extend it to a scientific consideration. In distance learning alt = "Medical professions , students learn to scientifically illuminate, represent and present theories, principles and methods of health-related concepts in national and international contexts.

The focal points in distance learning alt = "Medical Professionals (BA)

In the bachelor's program alt = "Medical professions, you can choose from a range of attractive, career-oriented focuses, which we will briefly introduce below:

health Management

The focus on health management deals with specific fields of action, which are of relevance in the establishment and management of a company in the sector of medicinal products. Based on the specific management and controlling processes in service providers in the health care sector, typical corporate management decisions and foundation-relevant decision-making processes are considered in a comprehensive and integrative manner. The study alt = "Medical professions with a focus on health management enables them to independently acquire new knowledge and skills, to carry out research projects and to assume a high level of responsibility in a team.

Health education

The main goal of the specialization Health Education is to fulfill the requirements of a teaching activity in the education of students in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or nursing. The aim is to work up the given learning objectives in a professional and didactic way and to implement the teaching-learning processes in the form of a contemporary, student-centered design in a methodical variety. The distance learning alt = "Medical professions with the focus on health education deepens and widens the pedagogical knowledge acquired in the context of vocational education by systematically working through the various theoretical approaches and models and the consideration of recent developments.

hand rehabilitation

The focus on hand rehabilitation conveys extensive knowledge and interdisciplinary knowledge of differential diagnostics, their interpretation and the resulting treatment techniques in hand rehabilitation. The students gain knowledge in scientific documentation taking into account the ICF and have a critical understanding of theories and methodological approaches. The courses of this specialization in distance learning alt = "Medical professions take place at the external institute of DIPLOMA, the academy for hand rehabilitation in Bad Pyrmont The visit of the block row" Certified hand therapist of the AfH "with final examination leads to the crediting of this elective module, the is also listed in the degree documents of the distance learning program (certificate, diploma supplement, transcript of records).

maintenance therapy

Focus on care therapy in the bachelor's program alt = "Medical professions enable students to independently exercise the healing work they have been given in the field of nursing." On a scientific basis and on the basis of the G-BA, the diagnosis and procedure-related healing activities are taught and the necessary medical specialist Qualifications acquired.


In the distance learning alt = "Medische Fachberufe with the focus area nursing sciences students learn to illuminate care problems through the creation of nursing diagnoses and targeted research and to make a sound, evidence-based decision in the nursing care process.They also acquire the ability to educate the needy and relatives competent and The students understand the Nursing Complex Measure Score and can apply it in the individual care situation and guide colleagues in it, as well as how nursing interventions can be derived from nursing diagnoses and which different instruments exist to ensure care quality.

Career prospects after distance learning

The labor market opportunities for graduates of the bachelor's degree program alt = "Medical professions are very good due to population and scientific development in medicine, for example.

  • Recording of practically important problem areas and realization of first systematically developed solutions as a basis for further, empirically based scientific work
  • Realization of a reflected practice, especially in dealing with complex neurological diseases, chronic or chronic disorders as well as multifactorial justified limitations of the quality of life of humans
  • Assumption of responsible tasks in (specialist) departments, hospitals, clinics, institutions of early intervention
  • Content-structured, conceptual tasks for which an academic education is required or helpful, eg. As a quality representative, in the organization of internal training or to develop "new" facilities and offer forms
  • Basis for the establishment and management of one's own practice, taking into account market changes and developments
  • Initial orientation for later teaching and teaching at vocational schools for health professionals Consolidation of medical-therapeutic knowledge in hand rehabilitation - especially for occupational therapists and physiotherapists (eg in private practice)
  • Expansion and expansion of therapeutic services, especially in the field of health promotion and prevention
  • Disability assistance, care for the elderly and mentally ill people

The bachelor's degree qualifies the graduates for a subsequent master's degree . The DIPLOMA University of Applied Sciences introduced last year a consecutive master's program alt = "medical professions, which entitles to a doctoral degree." In addition, graduates of the bachelor's degree alt = "medical professions can take the master's degree in business administration (MBA) DIPLOMA University.

Normal period

Standard period of study for the remaining studies: 5 semesters

Total workload *: 180 ECTS points, of which credited by completed vocational training in the above access professions: 60 ECTS credits.

* Workload includes the time for preparation and follow-up and participation in the (virtual) classroom sessions as well as for self-study and exam preparation. It can be assumed that, on average, a workload of 25-30 hours per ECTS credits can be used for each credit to be acquired.

The curriculum of distance learning shows a 5-semester variant, which can be extended by up to 4 semesters, depending on the professional burden - free of study fees. The weekly workload can be individually adjusted to the professional and / or family conditions.


Winter semester (October) and summer semester (April).


Accreditation of the degree program by the accreditation agency AHPGS.

tuition fee

Distance learning: € 207.00 / month (total € 6,875.00 plus one-time examination fee of € 665.00)

study form

Distance learning with real or online classroom sessions: Distance learning takes place between self-study with study programs and full-day Saturday seminars (approximately 12-14 Saturdays per semester) at one of our numerous nationwide study centers or online in the "virtual lecture hall" of the DIPLOMA Online Campus ,

admission requirements

Proof of completed three-year vocational training in the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, geriatric nursing or nursing (or alt = "medical professions such as health and child care, maternity care, emergency medical services, medical-technical assistance MTA, dietician or others on request)

as well as general higher education entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife, passed master examination or according to regulation over the entrance of professionally qualified to the universities in the country Hessen (after individual examination).

For further information on special qualifications, please contact DIPLOMA Hochschule.

Applicants who do not meet the requirements mentioned above may initially attend the course as guest auditors if the access authorization is within a max. 2 semesters is achieved.

For foreign degrees, equivalence for admission must be demonstrated.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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