Bachelor in Transcultural Healthcare

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Bachelor in Transcultural Healthcare

International Oriental College

Bachelor in Transcultural Healthcare

For people concerned about knowledge emancipation and health we have established an intuitive program for healthcare study based on doing peer reviewed research and manifesting great ideas in public careers at any location on or off this planet. In this program your ideas are the core of the program. We offer a skelleton structure for you to measure against, and we check how scienbtifically valid your ideas are or help you to develop your scientific skill, in accordance to at least three cultures: regular science, traditional Chinese science, and a third cultural science you will introduce. Yes, that is how you do it.

We think deep and far in this project and wish for your effort to help this world get rid of the results of past errors by colonial powers and nation-states ruled by good willing but not very well informed and sometimes power/wealth hungry individuals.

Many people all over the planet have great ideas but receive no platform to manifest it in places where ideas matter. maybe they live in slums, deep in the mountains or rainforests, in areas riddled by famine, disease, violence or natural disaster. Maybe they are part of modern, tribal or hidden societies. each and every culture is a gem with understandings a bout the human condition not developed by other cultures. Each person is a gem, no matter where they come from, and each and every person deserves the same chance. Socially we live in a time of great migrations of people, and much of this migration is conflict driven. But what we need is the flowering and migration of ideas too.

For this program you are not required to come to the campus, but you can. It would be greast to meet all participants for real, but with you we also want people to become credible support for future sustainability of prosperity, happiness, but most of all health.

Woud you like to take part in our program? Together we will build a movement to sweep the minds and hearts of people and do away with misery, violence, poverty, hunger and so on.

The principles of this program are to stimulate intercultural scientific equality to contribute to the fields of healthcare, naturopath healthcare, policy making, exchange, art and so on by means of learning, education and scientific innovation.

Short history of culture as cause for science

In the past cultures were separated from each other by distance and language. Now separation is more about language and behaviour. From this we can see that culture conditions the scientific values of every culture in the world. No two cultures can offer to mean or experience the same. It also means that the understanding of one culture of the other is but a criticism.

It also means that to understand Chinese medicine, people have to acquire core understanding of Chinese culture and what it means to offer to understand. For this neidan alchemical and self-cultivation practice is the most important tool, since it reveals Chinese cosmology, but also visions about life, death, health disease and what is being expected from being human.

The format of our program:

We follow a simple module based trajectory of 480×5 amount of study taxation per degree level. Depending on pre-education you can start at Bachelor, Master or PhD level.

Price of studies

The price of studies depends on the economic situation of the area you live in. In some cases a borrowed scholarship is possible where we invest in your development, but under strict obligation of succeeding. As a pregraduate you are also asked to serve as a mentor or students buddy to help fellow students forward or to develop an IOC office./branch in your area. Study fees can also be collected through a referral system to help you establish economic security or pay for your studies. In the EU this referral would be worth € 100,- per paid subscription.

European community pricing is based on a study fee of € 2500 per year. US pricing and Chinese/Japanese pricing is similar. for spread payment we charge 5% extra. the price only entails our graduation program and access to our unique online material on Chinese culture that serve.

Where is our campus?

Our campus is wherever you are! We believe in people power. You can do anything anywhere. You will only need internet.

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