Bachelor in Obstetrics


Program Description

Bachelor in Obstetrics


Program Overview

UniCamillus’ Degree Course in Obstetrics is a 3-year program that provides students the possibility of exercising the profession in developing areas which have critical issues in healthcare. It also obviously opens up all the healthcare jobs of this profile present in the territory in both the public and private hospital field.

In particular, the graduates in Obstetrics at UniCamillus will be able to:

  • assist in physiological pregnancies which provide assistance to a pregnant woman: healthcare information and education, data collection, midwifery exams, prescription exams, execution of some of these, diagnostic summary, registration of events and resolutions;
  • give good information and advice regarding the problem of family planning according to the maternal and paternal principle with particular reference to the context in the Southern parts of the world;
  • identify the socio-healthcare needs of a pregnant woman by giving every informative-educative support which aims at removing conflictual situations in the presence of drug addiction, poverty, disability etc.;
  • assist in the labor and physiological birth by enhancing the centrality and emotions of the woman during childbirth and respecting the natural evolutionary stages and times of labor;
  • assist the healthy newborn with particular attention placed on the postnatal stages and the promotion of the communication and nutritional link between the mother and child;
  • assist in the normal childbirth and a desirable continuity of care for the woman, enhancing the link between the mother and child by supporting breastfeeding and giving information about events linked to the needs of the child and the restoration of normal relations whenever partners and families are involved;
  • conduct courses after childbirth by privileging those paths which enhance the sense of maternal competence and favoring the security in her relationship with the child as well as working towards the rehabilitation of the perineal and abdominal muscles;
  • give healthcare education in both individual and organized situations with the greater effort being placed on the prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of tumors and degenerative or involution chronic illnesses of the female genitals;
  • use English in the specific area of competence and for the exchange of general information.
  • The qualifications issued by UniCamillus are valid throughout Europe according to EU Directive n. 2005/36/CE, but are also widely recognized in many other non-EU countries.

Scholarships Financed by UniCamillus

In the belief that motivated and deserving students must be supported in the achievement of their academic and professional ambitions, UniCamillus has decided to finance scholarships to non-EU citizens based on the assessment of the student’s economic situation, merit and studies regularity.

For the academic year 2018/2019 UniCamillus offers to non-EU citizens residing abroad a significant number of grants and scholarships for the partial/total coverage of the yearly fee due for the degree courses.

Didactic Facilities

In virtue of the peculiarity of its project, UniCamillus has been able to enter into any agreements for hospital apprenticeships that will be activated in function to the specific educational needs.

In this way, UniCamillus will be able to make students carry out the practical part in Roman hospitals, polyclinics, and research centers. In the first year of the course, through internships, the student will already be able to verify the correspondence between their expectations and the professional role experienced. The internship experiences offer individual students the opportunity to learn the activity of looking after sick people on the job (obviously under the guidance of doctors, nurses and other health professionals).

During your course at UniCamillus, you might avail yourself of the Schengen visa, that will allow you to travel, study and work in 26 countries, as well as extend your residence permit in Italy for a year after graduating, with the aim of continuing your training experience.

Admission Requirement

The prerequisites needed by students who wish to enroll in the Degree Course in Physiotherapy are:

  • the adequate initial preparation according to what is foreseen by the current regulations to enter courses with a nationally limited number of participants;
  • good predisposition to human contact;
  • good team working skills;
  • ability to analyze and resolve problems;
  • ability to autonomously acquire new knowledge and information by evaluating them critically.

Possession of a study title that meets one of the following criteria:

  • a secondary school diploma that gives access to the University, issued by a state or equivalent educational institution of the Italian education system in Italy or abroad;
  • final qualification of secondary education issued by an institution belonging to a foreign school system, located in Italy or abroad, obtained following a course of at least 12 years of schooling;
  • final qualification of secondary education obtained in a school system that includes 10 or 11 years of schooling, supplemented with one or two years of university, provided that all the exams scheduled for those academic years have been passed.

Candidates enrolled in the last year of secondary school can also participate in the selections at the state and private school institutions of the Italian education system or at a foreign secondary education institution that allows the achievement of a valid qualification for admission to courses of higher education of the Italian system with the condition, if the test results are positive, to present the diploma or qualification just obtained at the time of the subsequent enrolment to the courses, under penalty of exclusion from the list of admitted candidates.

The entry to the degree course is regulated by a multiple answers written entry test and, in some cases, by an oral interview. For more information, please read the call for applications.

Our Location

UniCamillus is located in Rome (Italy) - Via di Sant’Alessandro 8 - 00131.

By studying at UniCamillus you will live an educational experience of excellence in the wonderful Italian background, known worldwide for its great historical and cultural heritage, clearly evident in the great art cities like Rome, in the landscapes and in the gastronomic culture.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Oct. 2018
Italy - Rome, Lazio
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