Bachelor in Obstetrics


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Program Description

The Course in Midwifery is a theoretical-practical training for the future midwife.
The focus is on in-depth knowledge of physiology, promotion and maintenance of women's health at all stages of life with particular attention to the mother-infant couple.

The Degree Course includes the acquisition of 180 credits, 60 of which for practical training activities. The professionalizing activity is favored, in the areas of training, through the support of a network of clinical tutors dedicated to each individual student in a one-to-one relationship.

At the end of the course the graduate student will present an adequate professional and clinical judgment in the assistance of physiology, and will be able to work in the management of obstetric-gynecological pathology under the supervision of medical doctors

Access to the course is planned at national level.

The course is projected towards internationalization. Beyond the Erasmus Plus Program and the Overword Program, the cooperation protocol with the "University of São Paulo" (Brazil) will allow students to pass the selections based on the excellence of the curriculum to acquire also the degree in "Obstetricia" At the Brazilian University, and therefore the possibility of carrying out the profession both in Italy and in Brazil.

Contact person for international exchanges: Dr. Laura Fieschi - email

Last updated June 2019

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