Bachelor in Health Informatics


Program Description

As a graduate of the Bachelor in Health Informatics program offered by MCM, students will be in a position to use their unique qualifications to influence positive patient outcomes, effective and safe use of innovative technologies, and financial stewardship.

Healthcare technology professionals work with clinicians and other healthcare professionals, including equipment manufacturers and IT specialists; they advise on innovative medical technology planning, purchasing, and installation while ensuring the safe and effective use of medical technologies to enhance patient outcomes and organizational goals. Students from MCM also learn the skills to keep costs manageable and personal information and data secure, which is so critical to the Health Informatics sector.

Program Goals

  • Develop Critical Thinking: Enable the student to think critically and analyze issues relating to the implementation of health information.
  • Unique Skillset: Strengthen student's skills in applying technology to improve healthcare quality.
  • Develop Ethical Code: Strengthen the student's abilities to make ethical choices and decisions in their role as healthcare managers.
  • Enhance Perspective: Strengthen student's abilities to conduct evidence-based research and evaluate healthcare data.
  • Apply Business Analysis Effectively: Enable the student to apply concepts of leadership to the management of the health information department and healthcare organizations.
  • Refine Leadership Skills: Develop the student's ability to apply best practices in leadership to the management of healthcare organizations.

Career Prospects

The Health Informatics program at MCM provides students with the technological skills required for healthcare data collection and analysis. The collected data is widely used in all types of medical organizations, including hospitals, clinics, home healthcare services, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Who the graduates could be
  • Healthcare Service Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Healthcare Information Manager
  • Healthcare Data Archivist
  • Healthcare Data Manager
  • Strategic Information System Planner in Healthcare
Where they could work
  • Hospitals, clinics, and health networks
  • Independent service providers
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Medical laboratories
  • Government departments/agencies and regulatory authorities

Health Informatics Program Outcomes

  • Communicate the major concepts in the functional areas of accounting, marketing, finance, information technology, and management.
  • Describe the legal, social, ethical, and economic environments of business in a global context.
  • Solve an organization’s problems, individually and/or in teams, using quantitative, qualitative, and technology-enhanced approaches.
  • Demonstrate professional communication and behavior.
  • Apply knowledge of business concepts and functions.
  • Interpret Health Systems and Policy.
  • Design and Implement Information Systems.
  • Apply statistical concepts to analyze data.

Program Structure

  • Teaching institution: MENA College of Management
  • Final Qualification: Bachelor in Health Informatics
  • Number of credits: Minimum of 126 credit hours
  • Levels: 1, 2, 3 and 4 Levels (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior)

MENA College offers a four-year program with an additional preliminary year for students who need more preparation. During this preliminary year, the College provides intensive training in English, the courses medium of instruction. It also provides computer skills that are essential to introduce students to the technological revolution that continually produces fresh information, and help them monitor such breakthroughs.

The degree is awarded upon successful completion of the HI program comprising 126 credit hours, normally completed in four academic years (8 semesters).

The program is divided into study units called courses. Each course on average awards 3 credit hours. Courses are designated at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) indicating progressively more advanced studies. A system of prerequisites is used to ensure that a student taking a course has undertaken the necessary preparatory work.

The Bachelor in Health Informatics degree is granted to students who successfully complete 126 credit hours divided as follows:
  • 30 credit hours of General requirements
  • 33 credit hours of College requirements-Management Core
  • 18 credit hours of Department requirements
  • 9 credit hours of Elective requirements
  • 36 credit hours of Major requirements

Academic Road Map for BHI 4 year program

42 Courses: 126 Credits
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Admission Requirements

The Admission Department is looking forward to offering distinguished services to the students who are applying for it over the four semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer I, and Summer II) in the academic year.

Admission Types
  • Regular admission: This admission applies to students who have a minimum score of 60% in the UAE Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Conditional admission: This admission applies to applicants who are required to complete the English language certificate during the first semester in which he/she was accepted, with an academic load no more than 5 courses (15 credits).
  • Transferred Students: This is relevant to students who moved from other educational institutions and meet the admission conditions operative in MCM, (official certified transcript and course syllabi from other institutions are needed for credit transfer in MCM).
  • Admission in the Foundation Program: This admission applies to students who have achieved a score of less than 60% in the secondary School Certificate.
Admission Requirements

Students need to apply to the College using the form provided on the website and in the office of the Admission and Registration Unit. The complete application form must be delivered in person to the Admission and Registration Unit together with:

  1. Certified or original copy of the Secondary School Transcripts.
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Emirates ID
  4. Personal Photo.
  5. Registration fees.
  6. English language certificate.

The following English Language proficiency tests are accepted by MCM:

  1. TOEFL PBT: The minimum TOEFL PBT score required by MCM is 500 or above (The TOEFL PBT can be taken at any of the accredited higher education institutions in UAE.)
  2. TOEFL IBT: The minimum TOEFL IBT score required by MCM is 61 or above.
  3. IELTS Academic: The minimum IELTS Academic score required by MCM is 5.0 or above.
  4. The Cambridge Test of advanced English: The minimum score required by MCM is 154 or above.
  5. The City & Guilds International Test of English for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL (IESOL): The minimum score required by MCM is B1 or above.
  6. The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic): The minimum score required by MCM is 44 or above.
  7. EmSAT test: the minimum score required by MCM is 1100 or above.
Admission Procedures
  • Students fill completely and accurately the admission application form and submit it to the Admission Office along with the required documents.
  • The admission office checks the application for completeness.
  • If the student meets all the admission requirements, he/she will be admitted.
  • The student will be directed to the Accounting Office to pay the required fees.
  • The student, then, receives the Admission letter.
Registration Procedures
  • The student meets the academic advisor to help him/her select courses that are appropriate to his/ her major and academic level.
  • The academic advisor must sign the form before the student goes to the Accounting Office.
  • Once in the Accounting Office, the student pays the required tuition fees and the form must be signed and stamped by the accounting officer.
  • The student may register online or take the form to the registrar to complete the registration process.
Online Applications

Applicants can now proceed with the full MCM application (including fees payment) from their home or from any other location.

An Applicant needs to create an MCM account in order to fill the online application form according to the fields shown.

Fees & Scholarships

Fees Amount Payment Frequency
Admission fees AED 1,500 One time fee
Registration fees AED 600 Per semester
Internet fees AED 350 Per semester
ID Card fees AED 50 Per year
Undergraduate Degrees

Estimated course fee (12-18 Credit Hours)

Total course fee per program (126 Credit Hours)

Bachelor in Human Resource Management AED 14,400 - 21,600 AED 151, 200
Bachelor in Hospitality Management AED 13,200 - 19,800 AED 138, 600
Bachelor in Healthcare Management AED 13,200 - 19,800 AED 138, 600
Bachelor in Health Informatics AED 13,200 - 19,800 AED 138, 600
  • 12 credit hours are the minimum requirement per regular semester
  • 126 credit hours are the total number required for the entire program
  • All fees mentioned are exclusive of VAT
Students applying for MENA College of Management programs can receive a scholarship if they meet the criteria mentioned in the College’s policy. The following types of scholarships are available:

Merit Scholarships:

  • 10% - With achievements in extracurricular activities for Foundation Admissions
  • 10% - For students progressing from Foundation
  • 10% - Merit scholarship for progressing students (to be confirmed with Admissions/Academics)
  • 15% - With the result of 70-79% in Tawjihi/equivalent in other curricula
  • 20% - With the result of 80-89%
  • 25% - With the result of 90-94%
  • 30% - 35% - With the result of 95% and above

Strategic Partners Scholarships:

  • 25% - Fazaa card holders
  • 25% - Esaad card holders
  • 25% - Homat al Wataan (Homeland Protectors) employees
  • 30% - Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services employees

Professional Employees Scholarships:

  • 20% - Aviation Professionals Club employees
  • 20% - For working professionals from other industries
  • 25% - For working professionals with significant industry experience

Social Scholarships:

  • 10% - MENA Citizens
  • 10% - Citizens of Dubai
  • 10% - Sibling discount
  • 5% additional- Early Bird discount (to be confirmed with Admissionsaccording to Academic Calendar)

*Only one type of scholarship is available per student.

**All scholarships are applicable for the first year only, except for strategic partners.

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