Bachelor in Global Health Studies

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Bachelor in Global Health Studies

Allegheny College

Bachelor in Global Health Studies

Allegheny College is proud to be among a handful of American liberal arts colleges that boast a program in Global Health Studies (GHS).

Founded on the belief that undergraduate liberal education can play an essential role in meeting the world’s health challenges, the GHS program draws upon Allegheny’s longstanding commitments to civic engagement, diverse perspectives, internationalization, project-based and interdisciplinary learning.

Thanks in part to a generous grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, we have added new faculty with expertise in epidemiology and global health, designed new health-related courses, supported student research and experiential learning opportunities, and beginning in the academic year 2013-14 offered both a major and a minor in Global Health Studies.

Department Facts

We believe that durable solutions to the world’s health challenges must be interdisciplinary, collaborative, and combine population-based prevention with community-based clinical care.

Important facts about the Global Health Studies department:

  • An interdivisional program that promotes a multidimensional understanding of local and global health issues.
  • Particular focus on low-resource regions around the world.
  • Emphasizes the links between health and patterns of economic and social development.
  • Brings together courses on the environment, ethics, politics, economics, society, and culture.

Allegheny’s Global Health Studies Program seeks to cultivate future scholars, practitioners, and leaders who possess the knowledge, skills and ethical outlooks that are required to respond effectively to existing and emerging challenges.

  • Students can deepen their understanding of global health with complementary majors and minors in other departments and programs.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to gain real-life global health experience through off-campus internships, study away programs, or collaborative research programs on campus.
  • Global Health Studies encompasses a combination of coursework that emphasizes:
    1. Foundational scientific knowledge
    2. An understanding of statistical data
    3. The application of humanistic and social scientific approaches
    4. Strong communication skills
    5. Research methods and designs

Initiated in 2012, the Global Health Studies Program has shown a steady interest among students, almost doubling the current involvement. With an estimated 70 declared majors and minors, this program shows no apparent decline as more students learn more about the challenges the world brings upon us.

Program Structure

Global Health Studies is an interdivisional major and minor program formed in 2012 at Allegheny College. The program promotes a multidimensional understanding of local and global health issues. It emphasizes the links between patterns of economic and social development and health, bringing together courses on the environment, ethics, politics, economics, society, and culture. Students who complete the major and minor are effectively able to:

  1. Define the complex, interconnected approaches, policies, communities, and perspectives that impact the field of global health.
  2. Use a variety of frameworks and methods to define and engage with global health-related issues.
  3. Understand and articulate the interrelated relationships between geographical and cultural spaces, populations, policies, and health.
  4. Understand disease causation and prevention and the relationship between health and the built and natural environments.
  5. Operate with a responsible and self-reflexive awareness of power, privilege, and ethics within a multiplicity of cultural contexts.
  6. Listen actively and communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences.

Double majors or common undergraduate combinations among students

  • Foreign language
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science/Studies
  • Economics

The Tailored Academic Courses column above explicitly reflects the four pillars of global health. These pillars are integrated into the core courses at all levels. An integrated suite of core courses required of all majors provides the intellectual framework necessary for understanding the interconnectedness of these diverse perspectives and educational experiences.

Experiential Opportunities

This GHS Opportunities page contains three subfolders listing students opportunities for Summer Research Internships, Global Health Experiences that are non-credit bearing, and Study Away experiences where students receive course credits.

GHS students are encouraged to do at least one summer research internship and at least one study away experience (credit-bearing or non-credit bearing) before they graduate from Allegheny College.

Additional information about summer research can be found at the Student Research website.

Additional information about other career-related internships and study away opportunities can be found at the Gateway and International Education websites.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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