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Program Description

There are many professions and career fields where people use their abilities and interests in animals. You can work with animals daily or combine knowledge of animals with other talents in the field. Findlay will prepare you with extensive hands-on experience for a variety of careers in the animal science field.

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​​​Animal Science - Science Option

Animal science/science allows you to work with animals in a research and laboratory setting. Students learn the science behind industry practice and work in careers relating to research and testing. Animal science/science may be the path for you if your interests are: 

  • Structured research
  • In-depth science-based
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Conceptual vision  

Our course load encompasses the field with courses such as:


A systems approach to selection and mating of livestock: gene frequency, heritability, relationship, inbreeding, linebreeding, heterosis, crossbreeding, direct and correlated response to selection, and the use of pedigree, family, progeny testing, and indices for selection.


Learn the nutrition and management of the various groups of companion animals that many producers and hobbyists are raising today. Topics include diet formulation, examining nutritional influences on animal performance and reproduction, evaluation of nutrition and management facilities, and adjusting rations to meet different animal marketing needs. 


Compare mechanisms of all major aspects of the male and female reproductive physiology of food animals. Emphasis will be given to species variation in regard to reproductive function and to a detailed examination of key reproductive events in both genders. 

Food Safety

Attain additional knowledge and experiences in the basic principles and practices of food safety. Discussions, demonstrations, and activities that introduce students to biological and chemical hazards in food as a result of improper processing, packaging, handling, and storage are covered.

Our​ curriculum is designed to prepare students for graduate school or jobs in research, animal nutrition and government agencies such as:

  • Research laboratories 
  • Food/meat processing companies 
  • Federal and State government agencies
  • Private research firms 
  • Feed companies

Students manage over 1000 farm animals on a daily basis under the supervision of a barn manager and licensed veterinarian at our 31,000-square-foot Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building beginning in their first year.

​​​Animal Science - Industry​ Option

Animal science/industry allows you to work with animals without a heavy research base, unlike animal science/science careers or veterinary studies.  Industry students learn the science they need to be knowledgeable on the subject, but focus more on: 

  • Working closely with animals
  • Being hands-on
  • Creative problem solving
  • Industry practices
  • Interpersonal relationships

Jobs in the industry of agricultural business allow you to turn your knowledge into practice. 

Our curriculum prepares you for a variety of jobs within the field, such as:

  • Production and service-based businesses
  • Herd management
  • Implement sales and production

Industry focus areas include:

  • Beef Production 
  • Dairy Production  
  • Sheep Production 
  • Swine Production 
  • Equine Production 
  • Agriculture Production 
  • Genetics 

Our courses offer comprehensive coverage of fundamental principles such as nutrition, breeding, physiology and marketing into complete production and management programs. The structure of the industry, enterprise establishment, a system of production, production practices, selection criteria, and improvement programs are also addressed.  

Animal Science​ - ​Pre-Veterinary Medicine​ Option​

What makes Findlay one of the top pre-veterinary universities​ in the country?  

This option consists of four years at the University of Findlay and is completed with the awarding of a bachelor's degree. It's a program developed in consultation with representatives from veterinary schools who stress the need for both strong academic preparation and practical animal contact for veterinary candidates. Two special seminars provide orientation to the various fields of veterinary medicine and facilitate application to veterinary schools.   ​

Graduates of Findlay's Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program have a vet school acceptance rate of more than two times the national average! 85% of the 2019 graduating class were admitted to vet school.

Why choose Findlay's Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program?

Our students reap the benefits of outstanding facilities and strong relationships with area professionals. Learning opportunities include:  

  • Working on-site with four practicing veterinarians  
  • Observing at area veterinary clinics  
  • Small animal and large animal medicine  
  • Veterinary school acceptance rate nearly twice the national average  
  • Observing at Findlay’s equine hospital (board-certified equine surgeon on staff). The University Equine Veterinary Services, Inc. (located at our English riding facility)offers emergency and routine medical and surgical services for Findlay's animal herds and animals belonging to the general public.

Early Admission

The pre-veterinary medicine option majors who gain early admission at the end of their junior year to a professional program of study will be granted a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Findlay contingent upon having completed 102 hours of approved coursework and the successful completion of the first year of veterinary school studies. 

Experiential Learning a Priority!

Findlay’s program is recognized for its hands-on approach to animal health. Our current students come from a variety of backgrounds, including farm, suburban and urban environments. They enjoy a strong academic foundation in preparation for veterinary school, along with practical experience at one of two outstanding farm complexes.   

Learn more about Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building - including a virtual tour!  

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The University of Findlay is a flexible, forward-looking institution that is constantly seeking ways to better serve students and the community. In today’s fast-paced world, Findlay is continually ada ... Read More

The University of Findlay is a flexible, forward-looking institution that is constantly seeking ways to better serve students and the community. In today’s fast-paced world, Findlay is continually adapting programs and teaching methods to meet the needs of current students who are preparing for tomorrow’s careers. Read less