The Career of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics has the mission to train professionals with principles and ethical values, responsibility and sensitivity, with a high degree of critical and investigative capacity, to detect zoosanitary problems and find solutions to them, especially regarding animal health, public health and the production of foods of animal origin, innocuous and of high quality to offer to the population. As an institution of higher education, its mission acquires a basically formative direction in educational, research and community extension processes, of competent professionals in the aforementioned areas, in order to respond to social demands at national and international level.


The vision of the race will provide solutions to the animal health problems of the area at the regional and national levels and others of this globalized world through its quality programs in the training of human resources, research and community outreach.

General objectives

The Race of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, has as main objective to make available to the community, professionals trained to provide specialized health care and work in favor of the solution of the needs of the community, improvements in the public health aspects by putting disposition trained professionals that allow you to perform care in the area of ​​animal health, covering new areas and thus new competencies.

Professional profile

The characteristic of the veterinarian and animal technician trained in the UNITEPC is of high technical value, with special emphasis in the area of ​​veterinary clinical sciences, public health and ecological preservation within the framework of a production in accordance with sustainable development, addressing and solving the sanitary and productive problems that affect the different species, mainly those that have implications in Public Health.

In this last aspect, the fact of favoring and preventing the regional or national zoosanitary situation is maintained or improved through proposals to public institutions that favor the development of the country based on strict adherence to legal and ethical standards is added. morals that sustain our society.

Labor Field

The veterinarian can develop his work in different areas of action:

Clinical area

  • Veterinary clinics (pets - small animals)
  • Teaching and research.

Production area

  • Farms of animal production (dairies - fattening of livestock - swine production - poultry production)
  • Private consultant for private or governmental organizations in environmental and zoosanitary management.
  • Consultant on wildlife in national parks and zoos
  • Government advisory services for agricultural development
  • Institution of order and military.
  • Teaching and research.

Public Health Area

  • Clinical laboratories
  • Sanitary control in public and private companies (slaughter plants)
  • Sanitary inspector in public services (municipalities - governorate)
  • Public institutions related to agricultural matters (SENASAG)
  • Legal assistances and community supports
  • Teaching and research.

Career Entry Profile

  • Innate skills of biological and veterinary science
  • Productive vision
  • Social sensitivity and / or community
  • Humanistic technical bachelors
  • Professionals that comply with the profile and legal aspects
  • Have skills to practice the profession of veterinarian zootecnista
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Feb 2020
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Feb 2020
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Feb 2020

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