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Program Description

Innovative Educators for health professionals are in demand. In occupational medicine bachelor pedagogy therefore, prepare young people for a career in the health care you get. For this, you should next expertise also can convey enthusiasm.


entry requirements

  • General higher education entrance or equivalent university entrance qualification or university entrance for qualified professionals gem. § 63 ThürHG *
  • Proof of completed vocational training in a specialized profession of health and social work or a comparable professional qualification
  • A two-year work experience or an equivalent two years as a teacher in vocational practical training at the time of the Bachelor examination

*According to § 63 para. 3 of ThürHG also be open to candidates in defined exceptional cases, which have not completed college admission, but vocational training in a technically related field and have at least 3 years of professional experience in this.

Be allowed

  • Nurse (health and nursing / in, pediatric nurses / in Caregiver / in)
  • Therapeutic professions (physiotherapist / in, occupational therapist / in, speech therapist / in, Motopäde / in, masseur / masseuse and medical / r lifeguard / in, Podiatrists / in, sports therapist / in, Orthoptiker / in)
  • Midwives and obstetric nurse / in
  • Other professions of health care (MTLA, radiographer / MTAR, MTAF, VMTA, MTAO / OTA, Zytologieassistent / in, medical assistants / in, dietician / in, Medical / r and Dental / r assistant / r, paramedic / in, paramedic / in, dental technician / in, pharmaceutical-commercial / r employees / r, Pharmaceutical technicians / r Assistent / in)
  • Social professions (home-based personal care / in, educator / in /, youth and home educator / in, Heilpädagoge / in


During the eighth Semester, the degree program Medical Education (B. A.) a teaching internship (practical study in schools) instead. It is carried out at a recognized school of health services and has a circumference of 200 lessons (45 minutes each). If you have already graduated, we recognize the teaching practice to like. The study period then shortened to 4 years or 8 semesters. The teaching internship connect successfully from a teaching test which is carried out in one of our partner schools.

Details on the study model

The study is (part-time) offered in part-time study model. The time of presence at our university includes 5 Block weekends per semester (each Thursday to Monday). This study at our university can be ideal with work and home demands agree.

semester abroad

You can study with Erasmus + after completing the first year of study at a European university in another participating country, there to expand your social and cultural skills and optimize your job prospects. You will learn the academic system a foreign university as well know how their teaching and learning methods. The services provided under a semester abroad academic coursework may be recognized accordingly.

Content, objectives and end of the study

In the study course medical education you acquire tailored skills to plan teaching and learning situations in high quality, conduct, evaluate and prepare people in education, training and education on patient-oriented health profession.

Education that inspires

Teaching, educate, assess and advise, these are just some important skills that are distinguished teachers for occupations of health care. That's why we provide you during your time degree programs of medical education (B. A.) scientifically sound (evidence-based) medical expertise and modern educational expertise. Our goal is to train you to a competent teacher for professions of health care, the medical issues can mediate light of new and safe teaching methods and with enthusiasm.

With us you get a broad spectrum of skills that you can apply successfully in many professional fields of health or education sector later.

Modular course structure of medical education for skills training

Job-specific competencies

In this field of competence you learn important job-related capacity-building, such as. In the general psychology and sociology, in the fields of health professionals, and in educational science These bases form next to your previously completed vocational training in a field of action for health care the basis for your studies at our university.

Advanced expertise

One focus is on the advanced expertise, such as vocational education, anatomy and physiology, biophysics, biochemistry and pharmacology and internal medicine. We rely on your acquired from the education, training and qualifications and expand it based on current scientific knowledge.

Management and scientific skills

Another focus management and scientific skills such as entrepreneurial action in health and education companies, scientific work, knowledge and experience in project and process management and evidence-based medicine. This provides multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, but you qualify for special tasks and activities, such as the management of a school for the independent establishment of its own education and training institution.

Career prospects

By studying medicine education at our facility you acquire a wide range of different skills that you can successfully apply in practice later in numerous occupations in the health and education area - as a teacher but also as a leader!

The qualification requirements for teachers in training and continuing education at vocational schools for health care professions or Healthcare schools are regulated differently in the individual provinces. The Bologna process and the associated development in education have led to that in the coming years mainly teachers, and matching degree at vocational schools for Health Professions Schools must educate healthcare.

In Bachelorstudiengang Medicine Pedagogy also advanced skills of anatomy and physiology, internal medicine, vocational education and didactics, management and scientific skills are taught alongside job-specific skills from psychology and sociology.

These form the basis for responsible and successful work as teachers at vocational schools for health care professions or Schools in healthcare.

Our graduates are currently working in:

  • Training and Continuing Studies in Healthcare
  • Vocational schools for Health Professions
  • Clinics / nursing homes / practice facilities
  • Companies of health and social services and
  • Institutions for health promotion

For further professional development and career advancement in the SRH Medical Education provides College of Health Gera after the acquisition of the Bachelor degree to further degrees of Master.

Last updated Mar 2020

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Unsere Hochschule ist mit über 900 Studierenden in 12 Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen die einzige private, staatlich anerkannte und vom Wissenschaftsrat institutionell akkreditierte Hochschule im Fr ... Read More

Unsere Hochschule ist mit über 900 Studierenden in 12 Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen die einzige private, staatlich anerkannte und vom Wissenschaftsrat institutionell akkreditierte Hochschule im Freistaat Thüringen. Read less
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