Bachelor in Nutrition


Program Description

Over the course

The curriculum is organized to ensure the integration of students from different backgrounds in health, and to promote the respect of basic and specific subjects, basing on the Science of Food and nutritional needs of individuals and populations.

The aggregate knowledge over training possible performance in numerous areas, from the most traditional to the most current, such as Herbal Medicine, Genome, Gerontology.

The graduates of Univap have generalist, aimed at food security and dietary care in all areas of expertise in the food and nutrition are presented fundamental to promoting, maintaining and restoring health and preventing disease in individuals or populations .

Job market

Job opportunities for graduates of the University of Vale do Paraíba are numerous, because it is of great economic potential region with numerous industries, which requires proper structure of the health system and welfare, restaurants and the industries themselves as field job. Not to mention that there is not a sufficient number of higher education institutions to meet the demand of all the Paraíba Valley and vicinity, as the region of Serra da Mantiqueira, North Coast and Historic Valley (Arapeí, Areias, Bananal, Queluz, Silveiras and São José do Barreiro).

Course Highlights

Transdisciplinary training, foundation of disciplines applied to specific knowledge of health, contact Anticipation with the labor market, through curriculum stage mandatory from the 3rd year, Disciplines aligned to the current labor market, as Nutritional Genomics, Nutritional Epidemiology, herbal and Nutraceuticals.

Course objective

Form conscious professional on your role and responsibility, able to take them legally and in full, imposing itself as a qualified and competent member of a multidisciplinary team of health and education, meeting the needs and interests of the broad existing labor market for the Nutritionist .

Search the formation of a professional technically qualified to plan, organize, direct, supervise and evaluate food and nutrition services, working in nutrition education and assistance to the community or to individuals, healthy or sick, in public or private institutions, multidisciplinary teams, as well as in research of any kind related to food and nutrition.

It also intends to provide training that addresses the social health needs, with emphasis on the Unified Health System (SUS).


8 semesters, four years.

Last updated January 2016

About the School

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