Bachelor General Practice Nursing

Kaunas College - University Of Applied Sciences

Program Description

Bachelor General Practice Nursing

Kaunas College - University Of Applied Sciences

Practice focused academic programme furnishing students with knowledge of health, social and applied sciences as well as the nursing skills necessary in European context of health care.

Compulsory part of study programme consists of:

  • General subjects 15 ECTS (Foreign Language, Philosophy, Information Technologies);
  • Professional subjects 135 ECTS (Microbiology, Hygiene and Dietetics, Professional Ethics, Basics of Psychology, Basics of Nursing Training, Applied Research in Nursing, Basics of Nursing Management and Administration, Pharmacology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology and Basics of Pathology, General Nursing, Therapeutic Nursing, Special Therapeutic Nursing, General and Special Surgical Nursing, Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing, Community Nursing, Paediatric Care and Nursing, First Aid and Intensive Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Palliative Nursing);
  • Professional Activity Practices 51 ECTS: Nursing Training Practice, General and Special Surgical Nursing Practice, Community and Geriatric Nursing Practice, Mental Health Nursing Practice, Paediatric Nursing, Family Health and Obstetrical Nursing Practice, Emergency care and Intensive Nursing Practice, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Practice).
  • Optional subjects 9 ECTS

Admission Requirements:

  • Secondary education diploma or equivalent;
  • Appropriate English language skills (TOEFL or IELTS certificate recommended);
  • Visa (if needed) for studying in Lithuania

Study Plan

Subjects of general college studies

  • Foreign Language (English, German, French, Russian, Lithuanian). Latin
  • Human Safety
  • Information Technologies
  • Basics of Nursing Management and Low

Study Field Subjects

  • Microbiology
  • Introduction into Philosophy
  • Hygiene and Dietetics
  • Intercultural Communication in Nursing. Professional Ethics
  • Basics of Psychology
  • Palliative Nursing
  • Applied Research in Nursing
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing. Family Help
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Basics of Pathology
  • Biophysics and Radiology. Biochemistry

  • General Nursing
  • General and Special Therapeutic Nursing
  • General and Special Surgical Nursing
  • Geronthology and Geriatric Nursing
  • Community Nursing
  • Pediatric Care and Nursing
  • First Aid and Intensive Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing


  • General Nursing training practice
  • Surgical Nursing Practice
  • Pediatric Nursing and Obstetrical Nursing Practice
  • Therapeutic Nursing Practice
  • Urgent Health and Intensive nursing practice

Qualification Examination, Graduation Paper

  • Preparation of Final Paper
  • Qualification Examination

In-Depth specialization within the same field

  • Basics of Nursing Training
  • Community Nursing practice
  • Geronthology and Geriatric Practice
  • Mental Health Nursing practice
  • Pediatric Nursing practice
  • Final Practice

Optional subject

  • Newborn and Infant care
  • Mentoring in Nursing
  • Communication and Consulting
  • First Aid
This school offers programs in:
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Last updated March 10, 2017
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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2017
7 semesters
Full time
Lithuania - Kaunas
Start date: Sept. 2017
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Sept. 2017
Lithuania - Kaunas
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