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Program Description


Education in Health Care

In healthcare, a shortage of skilled workers is currently not only in practice but also in education. To adequately train future staff in a health care professional, qualified vocational teachers are needed at vocational schools and academies. Against this background, the Bachelor course "Education in Health Care" at the Acre College interested healthcare professionals a new professional perspective. These select students individually your specialized science "emergency, care or health education."

study objectives

The aim of the course is that you / find after graduation as a teacher in individual educational and learning needs, manage structured learning and instruction processes and can evaluate student achievement.

Moreover, you are to act in a position within the individual guidance and advice to promote health and their implementation. A graduate / in you have a technical and vocational educational expertise with your chosen subject scientific focus: health education or emergency education or nursing education.

The study is aimed at professionals in health care professions with min. three years of training:

  • Caregiver / inside
  • Dieticians / inside
  • Occupational therapist / inside
  • Speech therapist / inside
  • Health and Children / nurses / inside
  • Physiotherapist / inside
  • Medical-technical assistant / inside (MTLA, radiographer, MTAF)
  • Paramedic / inside (paramedic / in certain circumstances)
  • Midwives / Entbindungspfleger


beginning: October 1 (in the winter term)

Duration of study: 7 semesters

costs: 338,00 Euro per month

financingEg student loans, KfW Student Loan, DKB student loan, scholarship, etc. We are happy to help!

Graduation: Bachelor of Arts (BA) access: at least three years of training in a health care professional and college admission or without school with professional experience in health care.

ApplicationAnytime online via the website

  • CV and a digital passport photograph
  • Certificates (certified)
  • Proof of previous activities (certified)

About College

The Acre College of Human Sciences is a nationally recognized private university based in Berlin. The bachelor degree programs are offered in management in the security, education in health and health and care management, International emergency and disaster relief.

Small seminar groups, practical projects and professional and personal service characterize the study. Our students come from different organizations and healthcare companies.


In health care are different health care professions with overlapping working and fields of action. According interdisciplinary methods and concepts offered in the courses. Teachers / educators need not only comprehensive knowledge in-depth knowledge about pedagogical and didactic theories. The teeth of the theory, science and practice together in a professional internship in a future professional field of action.


Your career opportunities

The Bachelor program is designed to help you to qualify for the vocational educational future of the health care professions. With successful completion you will be able to continue a Master's degree or involved in education are u. a .:

  • Praxisanleiter / in, / in, Coach
  • Educator / in at work and health management schools
  • Pedagogical employees in consulting, Education
  • Science and Research
  • Lecturer / in in education and training

Study modules and content

It will be awarded a total of 210 credit points (CP) according to ECTS *.

Phase I Study

Occupation Specific / scientific basis, inter alia,

  • FW ** I: Health Education and Health Sciences
  • FW II: Natural Sciences and biomedical bases

Phase II study

Didactic and Educational Foundations, among others

  • Educational sciences, education
  • Teaching / Didactics
  • Control of learning processes
  • Methods and media
  • National and international education systems

Phase III study

Professional specialization and Others

  • FW IIIa: nursing
  • FW IIIb: Public Health
  • FW IVa: emergency disaster psychology / sociology
  • FW IVb: health psychology / sociology
  • Teaching internship
  • Bachelor thesis

Study forms and duration

The study is available for experienced professionals.

Jobs and Study

  • Part-time, part-time in 7 semesters

Studying without Abitur

Best opportunities for qualified professionals: With at least two years of vocational training and then three years of full-time job you get a subject-specific authorization.

Flexible learning form

The study at the Acre College is a part-time campus program, d. h. about 1/3 of the total amount of work is completed at the college. By restoring the balance in presence blocks, self-study and e-learning arises for a flexible form of learning and the work-life balance.

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About the School

Die Akkon-Hochschule ist ein Lern- und Arbeitsort, der die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung von Lernenden und Lehrenden sowie ihr persönliches soziales Engagement unterstützt.

Die Akkon-Hochschule ist ein Lern- und Arbeitsort, der die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung von Lernenden und Lehrenden sowie ihr persönliches soziales Engagement unterstützt. Read less