BSc in Community Health


Program Description

The mission of the Department of Health Sciences and Physical Education's health programs is to develop students’ capacity to attain career success in the health professions and to act as leaders in a dynamic, multicultural world through educational experiences and a learning environment that is reflective, collaborative, and transformative.

The B.S. in Community Health prepares students for careers in community health education and programming, public health policy, health-related research, or healthcare administration in a variety of government, non-profit, healthcare-service, and industry settings.

Our graduates use their knowledge and skills to focus on how best to reach vulnerable community members and to better allocate resources to underserved populations. They may initiate wellness programs, write policies, implement educational activities or create resources to promote healthy living.

Program Benefits

A Northeastern Illinois University B.S. in Community Health prepares students to:

  • understand and act upon the social determinants that impact human health and behavior
  • plan, implement and manage evidence-based health programs in diverse settings
  • conduct evaluation and research related to population health and health programming
  • serve as a health resource person for diverse populations

Our program includes a field experience in a health-related setting that affords students the opportunity to apply and refine skills developed in the classroom and to build a professional network before they graduate.

Employers know our graduates demonstrate the skills and dispositions of competent, ethical, compassionate health professionals who seek to make significant differences in the well-being of others.

Career Options

Graduates from the B.S. in Community Health program work in a wide variety of settings. Examples of job titles might include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Health Educator
  • Public Health Researcher
  • Community Health Worker

The degree is also a launching pad for a graduate education in a number of health-related fields.

Learning Requirements

Community Health General Education Requirements
Fine Arts 6
Humanities 9
Behavioral Sciences 12
PSYC-110 Life Span Development
ANTH-212 Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
SOC-100 Introduction To Sociology
Choose one (1) of the following:
PSCI-216 American National Government
or HIST-214 United States History 1607-1877
or HIST-215 United States History 1877-Present
or ECON-215 Principles Of Macroeconomics
or ECON-217 Principles Of Microeconomics
Natural Sciences 9
BIO-100 Introduction To Biology
BIO-104 The Changing Natural Environment
CHEM-103 Chemistry And Society
Math/Quantitative Reasoning 3
MATH-112 Statistics In Daily Life
Other Requirements
ENGL-101 Writing I 3
ENGL-102 Writing II 3
Elective - Choose one (1) 3
CMTC-202 Voice and Diction
CMTC-101 Public Speaking
Total Hours 48
Community Health Required Courses
Major Core Courses
HLED-103 Community Health 3
HLED-212 Consumer Health 3
HLED-303 Sex Education 3
HLED-307 Human Diseases 3
HLED-309 Nutrition And Health 3
HLED-312 Current Health Concepts 3
HLED-314 Principles Of Epidemiology In Higher Education 3
HLED-316 Health Disparities: Individual, Communities, And Systems 3
HLED-345 Drug Education 3
PEMT-305 Functional And Structural Human Anatomy 3
PEMT-316 Writing Intensive Program: Writing In Health,
Physical Education, Recreation & Athletic Professions
Program Electives 9
Choose two (3) from the following:
HLED-220 Health And Wellness Of The Emerging Adolescent
HLED-355 The Organization And Administration Of The School Health Program
HLED-365 Health Education For The High School
HLED-357 Introduction To Health Care Management
HLED-317 Age, Death, And Dying
PEMT-306 Exercise Physiology
Professional Preparation Level 1
HLED-355 The Organization And Administration Of The School Health Program 3
HLED-340 Health Behavior Theory And Practice 3
Professional Preparation Level 2
HLED-350 Health Program Needs Assessment, Planning, And Implementation 3
Professional Preparation Level 3
HLED-360 Health Program Administration, Marketing, And Evaluation 3
HLED-370 Field Experience: Community Health 9
Cognate Level Courses 9
Choose three (3) from the following:
AFAM-200 Introduction To African And African American Studies
ECON-336 Health Economics
EDFN-306 Education And Individual Differences
GES-307 Environmental Education Seminar
HRD-300 Principles And Practices In Human Resource Development
ICSE-103 Introduction To Inner City Studies
ICSE-329F Contemporary Issues In The Inner City
LLAS-101 Introduction To Latino & Latin American Studies
PHIL-315 Medical Ethics
PSYC-324 Geropsychology
PSYC-311 Psychosexual Development
PSYC-312 Psychological Development In Women
PSYC-314 Psychology Of The African American Family
SOC-302 Sociology Of Aging
SOC-312 Sociology Of Health And Illness
SOC-329 Sociology Of Violence
SOC-340 Sociology Of Sexualities
SOC-347 Sociology Of Media
SOC-352 Sociology Of HIV/AIDS
PSYC-324 Geropsychology
SWK-200 Introduction To Social Work
WGS-210 Introduction To Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender & Queer Studies
Total Hours 69
Last updated May 2020

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