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International Nursing

Many students the world over decide to pursue a Bachelor of Arts, or B.A., as a method of broadening their career opportunities and earning potential. Generally, those who hold bachelor’s degrees are more employable and able to earn more money over a lifetime than those without degrees.

Just what is a BA in International Nursing? This program often takes about four years to complete, and it is intended to give participants the skills necessary to excel in nursing-related health care positions around the globe. Common areas of study include international health considerations, epidemiology, comparative health systems and maternal and child health in third-world countries. Many international nursing programs also emphasize disease control, worldwide health initiatives and nutrition, among other related areas.

Many bachelor’s degree holders find that they are qualified for far more global positions after obtaining the undergraduate degree than they were prior to doing so. Many also note stronger job satisfaction and better earning potential after securing the BA in International Nursing.

Because the cost of obtaining an international nursing degree varies substantially with regard to factors such as where a school offering a program is located and how sought-after a program is, prospective students should contact each school they are considering directly for enrollment and tuition specifics.

Many health care-related job opportunities exist globally for successful graduates of international nursing bachelor’s degree programs. Many graduates go on to become certified nursing assistants, registered nurses or licensed practical nurses in a variety of settings around the globe. Some graduates choose to use their skills to serve a particular population, such as women in developing countries, while others return to the classroom in pursuit of a master’s degree in international nursing or a related field.

Our database is a great starting point for connecting with schools offering international nursing programs online and around the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Ba International Emergency And Disaster Relief

Akkon Hochschule der Humanwissenschaften
Campus Full time 6 semesters October 2017 Germany Berlin

In recent years, the organizations were in humanitarian aid increasingly facing major challenges. Alone the humanitarian disasters in Pakistan and Haiti, fully corrected the famine in East Africa show how much people are dependent on humanitarian aid. [+]

BAs in International Nursing. International Emergency and Catastrophe Relief In recent years, the organizations were in humanitarian aid increasingly facing major challenges. Alone the humanitarian disasters in Pakistan and Haiti, fully corrected the famine in East Africa show how much people are dependent on humanitarian aid. However, the disaster also show that a unified management and working structure is a prerequisite in order to optimize the assistance. Humanitarian aid calls due to limited human and financial capacity to "all-rounders". If possible, broadly trained practitioners are to be made available to the respective organizations available to achieve through the effective use of resources for maximum success of humanitarian operations. "Good Practice" is the key word in the design of such "practical". Countries that are requesting help and accept are the various organizations set against increasingly skeptical. So many projects are terminated prematurely due to insufficient financial evidence of similar problems. Here specially trained personnel is required. A further qualification by appropriate Masters courses that deepen those territories and provide specialized knowledge is possible. study objectives Emergency and disaster relief is an interdisciplinary capped degree program. "Good Practice" is the key word in the design of such "practical". Medical, technical and administrative challenges need to be addressed by a relatively small staff base. Therefore, the humanitarian assistance required due to the limited human and financial capacity to "all-rounders". With the bachelor's degree program you will learn to use and to guide the standards of humanitarian assistance. You can move in international, intercultural environment and communicate, moreover analyze existing hazards and assess and protect the population from threats. You will learn, run by other organizations, in particular under UN or EU guide to work purposeful and constructive. Facts beginning: October 1 (for each winter semester) Duration of studyFull Time 6 Semester cost example: Full-time 390,00 Euro per month financingEg student loans, KfW Student Loan, DKBStudienkredit, scholarships. We are happy to help! Graduation: Bachelor of Arts (BA) access: College admission or authorization on a least two years of vocational training and then three years of full-time job in a field relevant to the study area.. Application: Online application via the website Motivation letter CV and a digital passport photograph Certificates (certified) Proof of previous activities (certified) Acre The Acre College of Human Sciences is a nationally recognized private university based in Berlin. The undergraduate programs are health education, Gesundheitsund Care Management and International emergency and disaster aid offered in Emergency Practitioner. Small seminar groups, practical projects and professional and personal service characterize the study. Our students come from different organizations or companies of health care and other relevant areas. profile In the study course knowledge is provided in humanitarian aid and development cooperation. Based on the theoretical knowledge there is a hands-on training in the relevant sociality Lund political science and medical, logistics and administration. In Fachpraktikum contact practice with potential employers in contact. Your career opportunities With the bachelor's degree program receive the academic, internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts and have the right to access to a master's program. Your career opportunities include: Project coordination in NGOs Studies or research abroad Medical coordination safety advice logistics Organizational and business consulting Study modules and content It will be awarded in accordance with ECTS * 180 credit points (cp). A cp corresponds to a workload of 30 hours. The course is divided into two phases of studies and 25 modules. Study Phase I, inter alia in: Development policy and cooperation Basics International Law Emergency and Disaster Psychology Basics Emergency Medicine Intercultural understanding Safety and Security Phase II study, inter alia in: Basics of Business Administration Health Systems Analysis International Medicine (I and II) Communications / Media Project Management and Fundraising internship Bachelor thesis The contact to the teachers hold in addition to the presence phases by the latest technology, inter alia via the Virtual Classroom. The study forms and duration The study is available for beginners or experienced professionals in full-time in 6 semesters. Our partners are: Medical Mission Institute Würzburg, Koch-Mechnikov Forum, Berlin, Academy for Global Health Tübingen, Würzburg and Heidelberg. By restoring the balance in attendance time, self-study and e-learning arises for a flexible form of learning. [-]