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International Nursing

Many students the world over decide to pursue a Bachelor of Arts, or B.A., as a method of broadening their career opportunities and earning potential. Generally, those who hold bachelor’s degrees are more employable and able to earn more money over a lifetime than those without degrees.

Just what is a BA in International Nursing? This program often takes about four years to complete, and it is intended to give participants the skills necessary to excel in nursing-related health care positions around the globe. Common areas of study include international health considerations, epidemiology, comparative health systems and maternal and child health in third-world countries. Many international nursing programs also emphasize disease control, worldwide health initiatives and nutrition, among other related areas.

Many bachelor’s degree holders find that they are qualified for far more global positions after obtaining the undergraduate degree than they were prior to doing so. Many also note stronger job satisfaction and better earning potential after securing the BA in International Nursing.

Because the cost of obtaining an international nursing degree varies substantially with regard to factors such as where a school offering a program is located and how sought-after a program is, prospective students should contact each school they are considering directly for enrollment and tuition specifics.

Many health care-related job opportunities exist globally for successful graduates of international nursing bachelor’s degree programs. Many graduates go on to become certified nursing assistants, registered nurses or licensed practical nurses in a variety of settings around the globe. Some graduates choose to use their skills to serve a particular population, such as women in developing countries, while others return to the classroom in pursuit of a master’s degree in international nursing or a related field.

Our database is a great starting point for connecting with schools offering international nursing programs online and around the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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