Associate Degree in Sports Science

Best Associate Degrees in Sports Science

Sports Science

Often, those who earn high school diplomas choose to further their knowledge of a given topic, and they do so by enrolling in associate degree programs. Most associate degrees are internationally recognized, and most can be completed after about two years of study.

Just what is an associate degree in sports science? Intended for those looking to establish rewarding careers related to physical fitness, this rigorous course of study involves close review of topics such as sports medicine, kinesiology and exercise science. Additional emphasis is often placed on topics such as biomechanics, physiology, general nutrition and sports nutrition, and many sports science associate degree programs combine classwork with experience gained within a variety of clinical settings.

Academic degrees are generally recognized worldwide as something that enhances career opportunities and earning potential. Many degree holders also report stronger job satisfaction after securing the undergraduate degree.

Tuition costs for sports science associate degree programs fluctuate considerably due to variables such as where the school offering a program is located and how strong interest in a particular program is. The admissions office of each school of interest is a good place to find out more about tuition.

Those who earn the sports science associate degree are prepared for a variety of rewarding careers. Many work as personal trainers or yoga or fitness instructors. Others work in physical therapy, athletic coaching or a similar discipline, while some focus more on the nutrition side of sports science. Many graduates of these programs choose to expand their studies of the subject matter even further and do so by enrolling in related bachelor’s degree programs.

Many sports medicine degree programs are offered online by schools around the globe, and many of these courses are listed in our database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Associate degree in Kinesiology

Sacramento City College
Campus Full time September 2017 USA Sacramento

This program is the study of the mechanics of body movements. [+]

Best Associate Degrees in Sports Science 2017. The term kinesiology means the study of movement and the associate of arts degree program emphasizes major preparation courses for students seeking transfer to a four-year university. Students entering the field of kinesiology can look forward to career prospects in the areas of fitness, health and wellness, athletic training, exercise science, education/coaching, and sports administration. Students who have selected the particular four-year college to which they wish to transfer should use the catalog of that institution as the principle guide for determining additional coursework. This program is the study of the mechanics of body movements. Career opportunity Coaching Strength and conditioning Exercise physiologist Sports Psychologist Doctor Fitness director Skills understand normal and abnormal human musculoskeletal development design effective strength and cardiopulmonary programs understand the human body’s basic structure and how its various systems work together develop appropriate fitness programs and assessments to evaluate and analyze personal success [-]