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Program Description


A Legacy of Excellence

Since MMCC’s first graduating class of 21 nurses in 1969, the College has conferred over 3,500 nursing credentials. The College's nursing faculty and staff are committed to developing excellent and compassionate professionals. Ask around. Our graduates serve locally and across the State. You'll find out how well-respected our program is, and how exceptionally-prepared and skilled our graduates are when they enter careers.

Real Skills for Future Nurses

Our state-of-the-art simulation labs in both Harrison and Mt. Pleasant allow students to practice nursing skills without leaving campus. MMCC nursing students gain clinical experiences in both acute care and long-term care facilities. Students are prepared for entry-level Associate Degree Registered Nurses, ready to begin employment immediately after graduation. Upon graduation, our students are eligible to sit for licensure by taking the NCLEX-RN exam. MMCC students average 80%-90% pass rates on this test.

Selective Admissions Means No Wait List

In 2010, MMCC transitioned from a wait list-based nursing program to selective admissions. The college welcomes 220 nurses each year, based on the strength of their applications to the program.

Career Overview

Registered Nurses are nurses involved in direct patient care. These health care professionals assess patients, help to design and carry out treatment plans, monitor the results of treatments, and keep patients and their families informed about their medical options and health issues. 2

Job/Career Outlook


  • National Average: $71,000/year. MI Average: $67,690/year.
  • Employment Outlook (2014-2024)*: 16% - Much faster than average.

* Information from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 figures. 1

Program Pathway

NOTE: All NUR courses in a semester must be passed with a minimum grade of “78%” to progress to the next semester. BIO 138 (or BIO 141 & BIO 142 each) must be passed with a minimum grade of “B‐“ to enter the program. BIO 141 & BIO 142 courses must also be taken at the same institution. If students have taken BIO 138 (or BIO 141 & BIO 142) courses prior to admission to the Nursing Program, the courses must have been completed within five (5) years of the date the student formally begins the Nursing Program. Prerequisites may be repeated only once, which includes withdrawals.

FALL Cohort:

Fall Semester: Total (12) Credits

  • NUR 121: Fundamentals of Nursing | (5) Credits
  • NUR 124: Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical I |(4) Credits
  • NUR 150: Pharmacology in Nursing | (2.5) Credits
  • NUR 151: Assessment in Nursing | (0.5) Credits

Winter Semester: Total (12) Credits

  • NUR 125: Nursing Care of Adults I | (4) Credits
  • NUR 128: Nursing Care of Adults Clinical II | (4) Credits
  • NUR 152: Nutrition Across the Lifespan | (1) Credit
  • SSC 200: The Social Sciences & Contemporary | (3) Credits America (Recommended this Semester)
  • NUR 133: Transition for Advanced Standing Nurses | (3) Credits

Fall Semester: Total (13) Credits

  • NUR 221: Family-Centered Nursing | (4) Credits
  • NUR 222: Family-Centered Nursing Clinical III | (2) Credits
  • NUR 223: Mental Health Nursing | (2) Credits
  • NUR 224: Mental Health Nursing Clinical III | (2) Credits
  • HUM 200: Modernity & Culture | (3) Credits
  • OR HUM 253: American Culture (HUM Recommended this semester)

Winter Semester: Total (10) Credits

  • NUR 225: Nursing Care of Adults II | (4) Credits
  • NUR 226: Nursing Care of Adults Clinical IV | (4) Credits
  • NUR 227: Leadership in Nursing | (2) Credits

Spring Semester: Total (3) Credits

  • NUR 228: Preceptorship Clinical V | (3) Credits


Application & Selection

MMCC has a selective admission process to the nursing program.

This involves several application processes and steps. Students are only eligible to apply for the nursing program AFTER prerequisite courses are completed.

Nursing Program Prerequisites:

  • Completion of all prerequisites courses listed on the Curriculum Guide with a minimum grade of “C” with the exception of BIO 141/142 or BIO 138 which requires a minimum grade of “B-“. BIO 141 and BIO 142 must be taken at the same school.
  • Anatomy and Physiology courses cannot be older than five years from the date the student formally begins the program.
  • Prerequisites may only be taken twice and withdrawals count as an attempt at taking the class.

Selective Admissions

MMCC admits students to the Nursing Program under a Selective Admission Process. The criteria for admission will be based on:

  • GPA in pre-requisite courses (35% of total)
  • Entrance Test (35% of total)
  • Number of credits taken at MMCC (10% of total)
  • Previous earned degrees (10% of total)
  • Previous healthcare experience (10% of total)
  • Bonus points for highly recommended courses

MMCC admits nursing students twice a year: a Fall semester cohort at the Harrison campus and in Winter semester cohort at the Mt. Pleasant campus.

When students have their prerequisite courses completed, they are then eligible to apply to the cohort of their choice.

Because course rotation may vary from locations, the student will be required to complete their courses at the location accepted at the beginning of the program. Students are NOT permitted to switch campus locations during the middle of their program. 3Health Requirements for Nursing Clinical:

Students in the MMCC Nursing Program are expected to maintain a satisfactory level of mental and physical stability to enable and ensure a safe and competent level of functioning.

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MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional st ... Read More

MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional student, or you want to enter into a career in two years or less through one of our trade, technical, or occupational programs, we’re confident that you’ll Get More at Mid. Read less
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