Associate Degree in Applied Science - Nursing


Program Description

The Associate in Applied Science degree is designed to prepare a student for employment in a specific occupational area. For most majors, the AAS is not designed as a transfer degree. Agreements are in place with several colleges and universities to facilitate the transfer of some AAS degrees into four-year programs. Contact an NCMC Student Services advisor or your faculty advisor for more information. Associate in Applied Science degrees are comprised of about 15 credit hours of general education courses and a minimum of 46 (up to 58) credit hours of courses most appropriate to address the intended outcome of the career program. Students receive individualized advisement regarding course selections most appropriate to their individual career goals. A recommended curriculum is listed for each career program offered at NCMC.

COMMUNICATIONS 6 hours A. EN101 English I 3 hrs B. SP175 Speech Communications 3 hrs SOCIAL SCIENCE 3 hours A. *HI103 American History to 1877 or PL216 National Government 3 hrs

MATHEMATICS 3 hours A. Department Requirement 3 hrs



NOTES: *If courses are transferred in from an out-of-state institution, PL105 Missouri Constitution, may be required. In order to earn a second degree, a student must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in addition to those required for the first degree. Developmental Studies classes do not apply toward any degree or certificate requirements in any program. A minimum final cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and a minimum of 60 credit hours are required for graduation. A maximum of two hours in physical education activity credit will be applied toward a degree.

Entry Requirements

  1. Complete an Application for Admission available on the NCMC website. A one-time non-refundable application fee will apply. Dual Credit students who plan to attend NCMC after graduation will need to fill out the application for admission during their Senior year and pay the admission application fee. Returning students, who have not attended NCMC classes for one semester or more, will need to fill out an updated application form. No fee is required. The Admissions Office welcomes prospective students, their parents, and friends to visit our campus.
  2. Provide NCMC with the appropriate transcripts, documents, and test scores.

    a. For first-time college students, request an official copy of your final or most recent high school transcript be sent to the NCMC Admissions Office. A final, official transcript must be received for final acceptance. The transcript must be from an accredited high school or a state-recognized unaccredited high school. The transcript must be sent directly from the high school with an official seal of the school. The transcript must show all of the courses the student completed. Transcripts that have been purchased from a diploma mill or from an online accreditation agency will not be accepted.

    b. For students who have passed the GED test given by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education or any other states GED, send an official copy of your scores or certificate to the Admissions Office.

    c. For students who are transferring from another college or university, request an official transcript from each college attended. An official high school transcript is also required.

    d. For home-schooled students, provide verification of having completed a high school course of study and ACT, SAT, COMPASS or ASSET test scores. Home-schooled students must provide a copy of placement testing before enrolling in their initial semester.

    e. All non-citizen applicants to the college must provide proof of immigration status (i.e. Green card) and must send a high school transcript translated into English before consideration for admittance into NCMC.
  3. Provide NCMC with a copy of your ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS scores prior to enrollment. Placement test scores are valid for two years; if your scores are older than two years you will be required to take the COMPASS test. These scores are used for placement in English, math, reading, science, history and government courses and help advisors to assist students in making career and educational plans. If you have not taken any of these, NCMC offers the COMPASS placement test to students who have either not taken the ACT or who need additional testing.

Special Requirements - International Students - NCMC Application (online) - International Application - High School Transcript translated into English - College Transcripts translated into English and US equivalents (via service such as WES-World Education Services) - Official TOEFL score report (if the official national language is not English – Minimum scores are paper version). Minimum scores are: paper = 500 computer based = 173, or internet based = 61. Or Official IELTS score of 5.5 - Certificate of Finances / Bank Statement Contact us for more information.

Last updated Dec 2017

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North Central Missouri College is truly a remarkable college known for its academic excellence and strong sense of community. We believe our educational institution signifies choice and

North Central Missouri College is truly a remarkable college known for its academic excellence and strong sense of community. We believe our educational institution signifies choice and Read less