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Fanshawe College
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RAK Medical & Health Sciences University
United Arab Emirates, North Ras Al Khaimah
Brighton and Sussex Medical School
United Kingdom, Brighton
Universidad Ana G. Méndez – Campus Florida
USA, Miami Lakes
Universidad Ana G. Méndez – Recinto de Gurabo
Puerto Rico, Gurabo
Ural Federal University
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Curtin College
Australia, Perth
Humanitas University
Italy, Milan
ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie
Germany, Lübeck

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January 16, 2020

Pharmacology is about far more than drugs and medicines. Or, to put it another way, the subject is much deeper than it appears. In fact, the subject of pharmacology begins at the molecular level and reaches right up to the social and political sphere. Pharmacologists research the effects that chemicals have on living organisms and figure out how and why we could use them as drugs. They might use their knowledge and discoveries to place their findings in a social context – working within a hospital or in connection to the government and other regulatory bodies. Or they might stick to the lab, drawing connections between (bio)chemistry, physiology, neuroscience, and medicine. To work in pharmacology is to improve and even save the lives of humans and animals. It can be very rewarding work. B ...

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January 8, 2020

Enrolling in a medical studies program is the first step towards an exciting career in the healthcare industry. There are hundreds of amazin...

December 9, 2019

What do astronauts, ballet dancers, and vets all have in common? All three are among some of the most common childhood dream jobs. And while...

December 1, 2019

While the world has changed significantly in the years since the AIDS epidemic started, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Here’s a clo...