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Universidad Santa Paula

Bachelor Master Costa Rica San José February 2017

Mission and Vision Mission In a comprehensive conception of the human being, the University of Santa Paula's mission is to generate innovative knowledge and develop professionals able to perform competitively in the field of health and human development. Continue to be leaders, pioneers and specialized training of qualified professionals who contribute to the promotion and maintenance of the quality of human life, enhancing the scope of a healthy, independent,… [+] productive and solidary life, while facilitating equality opportunities and access. Message from the Rector Universidad Santa Paula, in its 20 year history, has excelled in providing a new academic offerings in the country and Central America and the Caribbean, being a pioneer, leader and specialist in various fields of health having academic degrees, master's degrees and specialization courses in therapy, early stimulation, palliative care, medical emergencies and various free courses for students, technicians and health professionals. By offering master's degrees and postgraduate programs, many health professionals such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Audiology, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Psychology, Education, Dentistry and Pharmacy, among others, may opt for these knowledge and skills needed to excel in the workplace as a specialized graduate, with an endorsement of quality as is the accreditation of the School of Physical Therapy at the SINAES. In addition, our students develop a vocation focused on human development, evolving in the latest techniques and methodologies in these areas. Graduate programs offered have been created with the aim of providing accompaniment to human beings from their early years through the Master of Early Stimulation, until his last moments by the Master of Palliative Care. During the course of its existence, will be supported with master's degrees as Master of Physical Therapy Mention in Sport Rehabilitation, Master of Physical Therapy Mention in Functional Rehabilitation of Older Persons, Master of Physical Therapy Minor in Neurological Rehabilitation and MS in Audiology . Programs also offer as Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Fisioestética, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Methodology snoezelen, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Personal Training, Sport Psychology, among others. Santa Paula University has an authorized AHA (American Heart Association) center, the first university in Central America and the Caribbean with this authorization. It offers courses Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation for healthcare providers (BLS); Advanced Cardiac Support (ACLS); Advanced Cardiac expert support providers (ACLSEP); First Aid and CPR and CPR course for family and friends. These careers and knowledge allow professional can work with specialized form in vulnerable populations, prevention and care of disability and health promotion. Other specializations have been created just for the specific needs of each population, including the Master of Functional Rehabilitation of Older Persons, which allows you to collaborate with a comprehensive approach to this increasingly growing segment, participating actively and knowingly because in their rehabilitation process, promoting their comprehensive functionality through prevention, treatment, habilitation and timely and effective, in line with scientific advances and current challenges epidemiological rehabilitation. Sport is undoubtedly part of the Universidad Santa Paula, so the Master of Physical Therapy Mention in Sports Rehabilitation is aimed at those interested in becoming a specialist with the knowledge and skills necessary for physiotherapy intervention professionals the field of sport and physical activity. Also, to meet the need of the therapist in the neurological area, the institution has a Masters in Physical Therapy Minor in Neurological Rehabilitation, which allows the graduate adequate performance in the field of neurological rehabilitation and collaborate with the comprehensive approach people with deficits, neurological damage or injury. To conclude, the Master of Palliative Care, aims to train professionals of Health Sciences for comprehensive care of the population that is undergoing advanced disease who do not respond to curative treatment, in order to maintain or improve their quality of life during his last days and his family. This graduate looking for professionals in Health Sciences to acquire the necessary training to integrate work teams that work in an interdisciplinary and can transcend into transdisciplinary. It is through these specializations that a graduate of the Universidad Santa Paula has the necessary skills to excel in the workplace, with unique careers and new approaches that allow the health professional to highlight and work for human development.   Welcome to the University of Santa Paula!   Licda. Rocío Valverde Gallegos [-]

La Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Bachelor Costa Rica San Pedro February 2017

The Latin University of Costa Rica is one of the pioneers in the development of Private Higher Education in the country. It is part of the largest network of worldwide known universities Laureate International Universities, which allows you to have contact with more than 80 universities and institutes of higher education in 28 countries around the world, and more than one million students for a training with a global vision. In over 25 years of experience, the Latin University… [+] of Costa Rica has shown great commitment to transform the country, both in education and in society. Today the Latin University of Costa Rica has more than 70 races, 7 Powers and 10 venues, and the Private University with the highest number of accredited courses with the National Accreditation System of Higher Education (SINAES): Bachelor of Public Relations. See Heredia. Bachelor and Bachelor of Business Administration. See Heredia Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems. See Heredia. Bachelor and Bachelor and Industrial Engineering with emphasis in Logistics, Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Moderna. See Heredia. Bachelor of Business Administration Hotel. See Heredia. Bachelor of Dentistry. See San Pedro. Bachelor Degree in Psychology and emphasizing Clinic. See San Pedro. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. See San Pedro. Degree in Civil Engineering. Locations: Heredia and San Pedro. Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Degree in Electrical Engineering Automation and Control and Electronic Engineering degree in Telecommunications. See Heredia. Bachelor and Bachelor of Nursing. See San Pedro. Sign your interest in the continued pursuit of quality, many more are in the process of evaluation and self-assessment. Through teaching, research and extension, the Latin University of Costa Rica has graduated more than 70,000 professionals who contribute their knowledge to benefit the development of our nation. For the Latin University of Costa Rica, begins transforming a country support their education. MISSION Educate and inspire ethical leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to integrate into the world and achieve full development. View Be the first university choice in Costa Rica for our academic excellence and leadership training with a global vision. Values Ethics Quality Solidarity Emprendedurismo internationality Technology and innovation Social Responsibility [-]