Statistical Methods for Epidemiological and Clinical Research Course

Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine

Program Description

Statistical Methods for Epidemiological and Clinical Research Course

Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine

This course aims to provide students with knowledge and critical understanding of standard quantitative statistical methods used to evaluate epidemiological studies and clinical trials involving humans. It develops the ability of students to design, critically analyse, interpret and report the findings of a research project in a health related topic, primarily using methodologies appropriate for health surveys and observational cohort/case-control studies, but will also examine methodologies relevant for (randomised controlled) clinical trials.

Training Methodology

We will concentrate on the practical application of different experimental design strategies and on the interpretation of the results of statistical analysis methodologies, rather than on any detailed description of the mathematical derivations of these methods. Most emphasis will be given to methodologies relevant to epidemiological research.

You will be given access to a large data set, mimicing the inhabitants of a large (fictitious) community in a tropical country. Students will be required (either individually or in pairs depending on the number and background of the students who attend) to:

  • (a) design projects to address a series of research questions relating to (tropical) health issues in humans
  • (b) select an appropriate number of individuals from the data set to mimic the conduct of each study design
  • (c) apply appropriate statistical methods to evaluate the data sets drawn using standard statistical computer packages such as EpiInfo, SPSS and R.

Academic requirements:

Anyone working in the fields of statistics would find this course beneficial. Of particular interest to people working in epidemiological and clinical research.

English language requirements:

Proof of English to IELTS 6.5

Specific aims:

  • Summarise the results of statistical analyses in a report format suitable for a non-mathematical readership
  • Identify appropriate experimental design methodologies for carrying out health surveys, observational epidemiological studies (primarily cohort and case-control design studies) and interventional clinical trials involving human participants
  • Critically evaluate and interpret the statistical analyses of data from health surveys, epidemiological studies and interventional clinical trials
  • Identify and execute appropriate statistical methods for summarising data collected in health surveys, epidemiological studies and interventional clinical trials, using both conventional significance testing approaches and more contemporary effect size/confidence intervals concepts
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Start date
Mar. 2017
2 weeks
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United Kingdom Liverpool, England
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Duration 2 weeks
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