PhD in Medical Pharmacology

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Program Description

PhD in Medical Pharmacology

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Our course in Medical Pharmacology is designed to prepare the student for the clinical study of therapeutics by providing knowledge of the manner in which drugs modify biological function. The course includes a systematic study of the effects of drugs on different organ systems and disease processes, the mechanisms by which drugs produce their therapeutic and toxic effects, and the factors influencing their absorption, distribution and biological actions.

Topics include structure and physical properties of drugs; quantitative structure-activity and dose-response relationships; receptors as determinants of drug action; concepts, analysis and modeling of agonists, antagonists, and receptor mechanisms; signal amplification, selectivity, and regulation; drug absorption, distribution and metabolism; modern approaches to drug design.

Graduate Program

The Department offers both Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programs.

Students normally enroll in the seminars and participation in undergraduate teaching as teaching assistants. Students also are expected to take part in laboratory research rotations . PhD degree students are required to pass a comprehensive examination within 2.5 years of matriculation into the graduate program.

Dissertation Proposal - Ph.D. Students

During the third year of study students are to complete a research proposal. This will typically follow similar written.

Teaching Experience

Ph.D. students are required to spend in the department’s undergraduate course offerings. For example, in a laboratory course and they will assist in the laboratory as required by the course .

Seminar Presentations

Students will present one seminar each year. The topic of the seminar will be selected by the students dissertation advisory committee on a topic not related to student’s dissertation research. The student may suggest a topic. Topics for seminars beyond the second year can be dissertation related, including the proposed research and progress reports.

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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept., 2017
3 - 5 years
Full time
Start date Sept., 2017
Iran Tehran
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Duration 3 - 5 years
Price - 5000 USD / year