MSc Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Program Description

MSc Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

Leiden University

The Master’s Programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences is a research-oriented programme which covers almost the entire area of drug research. The programme offers flexibility and tailoring to meet the student’s individual scientific interests and career aspirations. The programme is organized by the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research.


  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Communication and Society
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science-Based Business
  • BioTherapeutics
  • Drug & Target Discovery
  • Industrial Pharmacy
  • Systems Pharmacology

The main focus in the programme is on training in research. Consequently, for all specialisations the programme’s first year requires all students to work on their major research project in one of the Divisions of the LACDR.

The research specialisations are considered to be default specialisations, for which 72 places are available. Students following the research specialisations continue their research training in the second year. Student’s opting for a non-research specialisation are admitted after the successful completion of their first year of the Master’s programme. The specialisation Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education is taught in Dutch, hence a high profiency in Dutch is required.

For the specialisation Industrial Pharmacy only 2 positions are available. Prospective students aspiring for admission to Industrial Pharmacy have to go through a separate selection procedure after their successful completion of their first year of the Master’s programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.

All prospective students for the Master’s programme must apply for a specific research specialisation. In the applicants’ motivation letter, the preference for his/her specific research themes, and the corresponding division(s) of the LACDR, should be clearly specified.

5 reasons to choose Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University

  1. The Master’s programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences is primarily focused on research within the entire area of drug research.
  2. The programme is offered by the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, a leading institute dedicated to world-class research and education in drug discovery and development. Students participate actively in research projects of excellent quality.
  3. In Leiden education in drug research at Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences can be combined with training in education, science communication, or science-based business. The examination programme is designed on an individual basis and offers a high degree of freedom of choice.
  4. Students enrolled in the Master’s programme Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences work within a multinational environment and are able to operate on the international market.
  5. Admission to the Master’s programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences is possible throughout the year. However, international students who require the application for visa or housing are strongly advised to start the programme in February or September.

Tuition fees

EU/EEA, Dutch (including Netherlands Antilles), Swiss or Surinamese: around €1,984.

Other: around €17,800.


If you would like to know more, perhaps regarding the specialisations, please get in touch or visit the programme introduction page on our website:

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  • English

Last updated October 19, 2016
Duration & Price
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2 years
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1,984 EUR

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