Life Saving Skills & Essential Obstetric Care Course

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Life Saving Skills & Essential Obstetric Care Course

Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine

At least 80% of all maternal deaths result from five complications that are well understood and can be readily treated: haemorrhage, sepsis, eclampsia, complications of abortion and obstructed labour. We know how to prevent these deaths – there are existing effective medical and surgical interventions that are relatively inexpensive.

To reduce maternal mortality it is important that all women have access to maternal health care services, particularly skilled attendance at birth and timely access to Essential (or Emergency) Obstetric Care (EOC) when an obstetric complication occurs. Two levels of EOC can be distinguished BEOC and CEOC:

Basic Essential Obstetric Care (BEOC) - 7 signal functions:

  1. Parenteral Antibiotics

  2. Parenteral oxytocics

  3. Parenteral anti-convulsants

  4. Manual removal of a retained placenta

  5. Removal of retained products of conception by Manual Vacuum Aspiration

  6. Assisted vaginal delivery (vacuum extraction)

  7. Resuscitation of the newborn (using bag and mask)

Comprehensive Essential Obstetric Care (CEOC) - 9 signal functions:

  1. All 7 BEOC functions (above)

  2. Caesarean Section

  3. Blood Transfusion

Academic requirements:

This course is suitable for Health Care Providers such as nurses, midwives, clinical officers, medical assistants, doctors, obstetricians and Skilled Birth Attendants. A Skills Birth Attendant (SBA) is defined as a health provider who has at least the minimum knowledge and skills to manage normal childbirth and provide basic (first line) emergency obstetric care. This course would be especially useful for health care providers who may be going to work overseas in a resource poor area.

English language requirements:

A good grasp of English language is required

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