EU Master in Care and Technology

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Program Description

EU Master in Care and Technology

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

EU Master in Care and Technology

Brief summary of the master

The Master is organized as a two-year programme. During the first year the student is introduced to the work field of care and technology. During one year there are 6 campus weeks which will be in the Netherlands, Finland or Portugal. All other lessons can be followed via video conference.

The student is guided in the use of several methods that support "User centred design" and "development". During the whole course the student will work on a self-chosen subject that is of great importance for the professional work environment. In the first year knowledge will be gained on "user orientation", "business" and "innovation". A start is made in the preparation of a R&D proposal to address the students chosen subject during the phase of master thesis preparation. The practical assignments of this year have relevance for the work environment of the student. Knowledge and skills development will be stimulated by incorporating the work environment in the learning activities the student will perform.

"The program concludes with the defence of a master thesis."

In the second year the emphasis of knowledge and tool development will lie on aspects of "implementation". Strategies and methods will be demonstrated and used during group assignments on different subjects. Again the own work environment is incorporated herein. This will allow fine-tuning of the R&D proposal. In the second half of this year this R&D research plan will be executed which leads to the master thesis. The program concludes with the defence of a master thesis. During the whole master program students will interact not only with fellow students of different origin but will also work on subjects that have direct relevance for their own work environment. Additionally, through visiting the different participating institutions during campus weeks, you will encounter the cultural differences in Europe in the area of health and technology. The result of the master thesis research will have direct relevance for the work environment.


During the master course you have gained actual knowledge on the developments in Technology and care at a European level. This will allow you to follow future developments and translate these to your professional work.

You have built experience using different Research and Development strategies that allow you to incorporate technology in business development for applications in the care domain.

You have learned to work together with professionals of other disciplines on mutual subjects. You have started to build your own professional network of colleagues with a similar ambition and drive. This network allows you to initiate future co-operate activities.

Expert in care and technology

The theme of the EU Master Care and Technology is:

Link insight in human functioning to knowledge of technological developments in an innovative and scientific approach using strategies of co-creation to develop new approaches in - long term - care.

Once a student has reached that aim and has integrated all these different aspects in the own functioning, a level of "Expert in Care and Technology" is reached. Competences that need to be achieved during the master are built across the steps of the "product innovation cycle" as a guide to the learning activities. Being an expert in care and technology allows you to address new challenges that are addressed to your organization. You will be able to initiate guide and implement new strategies of business renewal that will help your organization to keep on track.

Roles and tasks

Students with a background in care or technology can enter the master. Depending on the competences already available at the start of the master, students will become either:


  • understand all steps in the product/care innovation cycle
  • participate in these processes in close collaboration with technology developers
  • apply and integrate the results of the discrete phases of development in his own professional activities
  • participate in an European network of fellow professionals



  • understand all phases in the product/care innovation cycle
  • participate in the development of care and the implementation of care technology
  • take up the results of the discrete phases and integrate these in his own professional activities
  • participate in an European network of fellow professionals

Each one of them will work, during the master education program, as a professional in their own field. An organizing and directive role is endorsed in the ambition to realize innovations at the intersection of care and technology. The master laureate will be able to gather active knowledge in the area of internationally organized research and development and is capable to translate these developments into a national or regional application. This will be accomplished through a personal knowledge base with respect to applied scientific methods and procedures. On top of that the trained professionals will be able to reach their goals by applying their well-developed communicative skills.

For who is the Master of interest?

The M-CT course is intended for students with a bachelor degree in either care or technology. To obtain a firm association with the practical environment, it is expected that they have at least 2 years of working experience.

Their working relation also enables the identification of a practice-oriented area in which they are able to work on the integration of care and technology. This will be done in separate assignments and in their own workplace during the master thesis period. Working as a professional you have noticed opportunities and identified strategies that will improve the quality and performance of the service provision that your company delivers. You have identified knowledge gaps that hinder actual use of these new approaches. Your organization has recognized these as well but is currently unable to meet to the requirements. Yet you are willing to invest in gaining this knowledge and skills since these allow you and your organization to reach to the goals set. It will give you the opportunity to become a key person for future developments.

Admission requirements

The student should express an innovative attitude and willingness to communicate with people with different disciplinary backgrounds. The curriculum may be adapted to one's personal experiences and qualifications by deleting a specific course module.

Case studies and organizing the master thesis research will contribute to learning in practice. To facilitate this, the work environment is an essential element in organizing these conditions. To safeguard the learning environment, the research subject for preparing the master thesis has to be related to the professional work environment of the student. In this agreement the support infrastructure for the student will be described. In case the student is planning to follow the M-CT without having an agreement with an employer an alternative solution has to be identified with respect to the conditions to support the practical application of knowledge and tools. Without such an agreement in advance entry of the student to M-CT cannot be facilitated.

During one year there are 6 campus weeks which will be in the Netherlands, Finland or Portugal. All other lessons can be followed via video conference.

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