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Costa Rica, officially the Republic of Costa Rica, is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

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Occupational Therapy Degree

Universidad Santa Paula
Campus Full time 32 months February 2017 Costa Rica San José

It is a career with social, humanistic and research orientation whose object of study is human occupation at all stages of human life. [+]

Top Bachelors in Mental Health in Costa Rica. Occupational therapy It is a career with social, humanistic and research orientation whose object of study is human occupation at all stages of human life. Form of research, able to understand, analyze and intervene in the country's needs in the area of ​​human occupation highly specialized professionals with a solid conceptual base, humanistic, social, practical, ethical, and, and meet all kinds of people as they are children / as, youth, adults, seniors. Likewise Occupational Therapy is the science responsible for the prevention and promotion of deficiency in any of the systems to reduce the impact of disability affecting role performance, according to age, sex, social, cultural and occupational factors, achieving the maximum level of functional and occupational irrespective of the person. Who is the occupational therapist? The Occupational Therapist is a college graduate who serves as facilitator to the promotion, prevention, empowerment, intervention, rehabilitation and compensation of people whose abilities to cope with the daily demands are limited by physical, cognitive, social, environmental or emotional conditions. To accomplish this using different therapeutic procedures, evaluation methods, scientifically analyzed occupational activities, techniques, adaptations and means of intervention in individual or group treatment and care. What are the activities? institutional programs among children, adults, workers, seniors at the level of promotion, prevention, empowerment skills and performance skills. Community programs that seek to improve socialization, daily life and social participation of people. Counseling programs and consulting privately and public Practice in private practice in private offices. Intervention and treatment of people with physical, mental, sensory, cognitive dysfunctions in health institutions to governmental or private level Sensory stimulation programs, adequate stimulation of development in children with or without disabilities. Recruitment programs, ergonomics, occupational health. Vocational rehabilitation programs. Remedial education programs, educational adequacy, infant stimulation in the care of children at the level of regular and special education. Programs for older adults. Mental health programs. modality therapeutic care to patients homes. Development of ferrules Development of environmental and architectural adaptations and modifications. Training and education to parents as active agents in the treatment process and intervention. Training teachers as agents facilitating the learning process of children. Training caregivers and responsible for quality care of patients and users responsible What is your field? Public and private schools and special level both as a regular colleges. Hospitals and public and private clinics (National Rehabilitation Center, Calderon Guardia Hospital, Geriatric Hospital, National Children's Hospital, hospitals Chacon Paut among others). Public sector enterprises and private nursing homes (hostels, day centers) private practices home care national and international social institutions national and international institutional consultants Development of ferrules and adaptations. vocational rehabilitation Occupational Health Equipment Rehabilitation Units Sensory integration centers and pediatric Stimulation Clinics and drug rehabilitation centers [-]