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If you are thinking of furthering your education in an institution, where academic excellence is adhered to then Austria offers the best destination. These institutions are research based thus enabling students to get ideas on how solve real life problems.

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Bachelor Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
Campus Full time 3 years October 2017 Austria Krems

Every September we welcome a new intake of students for the full-time degree programme, which is taught exclusively in English. It covers the fundamentals of natural sciences [+]

Bachelor Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Every September we welcome a new intake of students for the full-time  degree programme, which is taught exclusively in English. It covers the fundamentals of natural sciences, biomedicine and the applicable technologies in theory and in extensive laboratory practice. The Bachelor programme in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is divided into the following parts:

    •    Fundamentals of natural sciences

    •    Fundamentals of medicine and biology

    •    Analytics

    •    Biotechnology

    •    Bioprocess technology

    •    Quality management... [-]

Bachelor Aging Management Services

Ferdinand Porsche Fern FH
Online Part time 3 years September 2017 Austria Austria Online

The Humboldt Bildungsges.mbH with the online campus in Vienna is the largest distance learning institution in Austria and has a well-50th [+]

The Studies Interdisciplinary and practical The interdisciplinary orientation and methodological and didactic design of the course you will acquire extensive knowledge and useful skills. They acquire knowledge and understanding the phenomenon of aging, to structures, processes and contexts of social and health, into the links between demographic, social and economic aspects. They deal with Factors influencing health and quality of life in old age, Policies aimed at promoting health and quality of life in old age, new technologies to support the everyday life of older people. You gain competencies in Organizational and change management, Project and process management, Interface and network management, Communication, facilitation and coaching Corporate governance. Career opportunities In combination with your professional experience gives you the interdisciplinary nature of the program multiple perspectives. Fields of activity, for example, Accompaniment of organizations in the implementation of strategies to promote health and quality of life in old age, Advising individuals or communities in the age-appropriate design of housing, living environments, and recreational and tourism opportunities, Advice on the benefits and uses of technical assistance systems and Project management and coordination tasks in the establishment of technical assistance systems. Target groups People who work in the following areas: health and social services, in the field of technology (especially ICT) or in sectors of the economy where the social and health needs of older people play an important role. [-]