Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Texas Health and Science University

Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Texas Health and Science University

This program prepares the graduate to work as an Acupuncture Assistant. Acupuncture assistants set up the patient in the treatment room, take their vital signs, record their complaints, prepare herbal formulas, pull needles, apply gua sha, do cupping, apply moxibustion, handle front desk duties, do marketing for the clinic, and file insurance claims. This program also provides a fundamental knowledge base for possible employment in an herbal dispensary, medical office, or insurance billing office.

The bachelor’s degree program allows students who have completed the general education requirements (totally 60 semester credit hours) at another recognized institution to be admitted and study toward a bachelor’s degree. The suggested schedule of study may be completed in four trimesters, and all courses are considered upper-division coursework for the bachelor’s degree. Students must complete all the coursework required for their degree within six trimesters. Upon completion of the program, students have the option to continue to the master’s degree program in acupuncture and oriental medicine.

First Trimester

  • 1100-A Fundamental Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 1101-A Chinese Terminology and Phonetics
  • 1102-A Meridian Theory
  • 1105-W Anatomy and Physiology I
  • 1110-A Introduction to Point Location
  • 1113-A Point Location I
  • 1114-A Introduction to TCM Diagnosis

Second Trimester

  • 1107-W Biomedical Concepts, Terminology and Western Medical History
  • 1203-A Point Location II
  • 1205-W Anatomy and Physiology II
  • 1210-H Introduction to TCM Herbology
  • 1212-H TCM Herbology – Yellow
  • 1214-A TCM Diagnosis I
  • 1300-A Special Acupuncture Techniques
  • 2110-A Reflexology and Other Microsystems

Third Trimester

  • 1201-O CPR and Other Emergency Techniques
  • 1207-C Clinic Observation I
  • 1209-E Practice Management and Ethics I
  • 1302-H TCM Herbology – Green
  • 1303-A Point Location III
  • 1305-W Surface Anatomy
  • 1311-E Principals of Medical Office Management
  • 1314-A TCM Diagnosis II

Fourth Trimester

  • 1301-A Meridian Acupoint Energetics and Application
  • 1310-E Healthcare Marketing
  • 2105-A Practical Training in Diagnosis
  • 2108-H TCM Herbology – Red
  • 3206-E Counseling and Communications
  • 2109-H Herbal Preparation and Dispensing
  • 1407-C Clinic Lab

Total Semester Credits for the Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine degree, including minimum 60 semester credits of General Education (accepted upon admission): 130

Course Numbering and Identification System

Course numbers in this program are historical, coincidental, and were established during the founding period of accreditation of the University by ACAOM. The course numbers are not related to academic level, prerequisites, grade levels, or credit value. Course suffixes are used to identify the University’s division of courses by academic specialization as follows: H = Herbs; A = Acupuncture; O = Other required; W = Western medicine; E = Ethics, Business and Communications; C = Clinic; S = Specialty Elective. The course suffixes also identify teaching specialties for our core and adjunct faculty.

Graduation Requirements

All candidates for graduation from the bachelor’s degree program must complete their studies within 6 trimesters with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

The following minimum requirements must be completed prior to graduation from the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program:

  • Acupuncture and related didactic studies 35 credits
  • Herbal didactic studies 11 credits
  • Biomedical didactic studies (western medical science) 9 credits
  • Ethics, Business and Communications didactic studies 9 credits
  • Other related didactic courses 1 credits
  • Clinical training 5 credits

Total 70 credits

A minimum of 60 credits are required for admission to THSU. Along with the 70-credit program described above, a total of 130 credits are required to be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

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