Bachelor in Health Management

Al Khawarizmi International College

Program Description

Bachelor in Health Management

Al Khawarizmi International College

Program Vision statement

The vision of Al Khawarizmi International College (AKIC’s) Bachelor program in Health Management is to be a prominent program in health care management in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, UAE and the region at a Bachelor level. AKIC faculty members are devoted to delivering an up-to-date and comprehensive health management curriculum at officers’ level, coupled with promising opportunities for applied research and best practices in the profession of health care industry.

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Bachelor degree program in Health Management is to equip graduates of this program with the underlined theory, concepts and practical skills in the field of health care management in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, UAE and the region at officers’ level. We achieve this by doing the following:

  • Deliver an academic program at Bachelor level, in collaboration with health care sector partners that meets a spectrum of educational aims for students, and demonstrates high quality in teaching and applied learning.
  • Prepare students for a broad scope of practice in the profession of health care management with special training for addressing the needs of the region.
  • Advance the profession of life-long learning opportunities with new, innovative and cost effective public health and health care services.
  • Provide a friendly, learning, conducive and challenging environment that helps the students, staff, and faculty to excel in the field of health care management.
  • Provide graduates the option to pursue postgraduate education at senior higher education institutions in the UAE and abroad.

Program Aims

The Bachelor of Health Management (BHM) degree program is an undergraduate degree program offered at Al-Khawarizmi International College (AKIC). The program aims to prepare a knowledgeable staff of health care managers that are able to provide services in the health industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the region, and globally.

Upon completion of the BHM degree program, the graduates will comprise the following:

  • Relevant background and knowledge in health and diseases.
  • Appreciable understanding of issues relating to health promotion and advocacy,
  • Disease prevention and patient care.

This program also emphasizes the application of information technology as a management tool in daily activities, which include program planning, program implementation and evaluation, financial management, accounting and human resources management. Furthermore, the program is offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Business Administration (Management concentration), and the Department of Computer Sciences in AKIC.

The Bachelor of Health Management degree program goals:

  • Educate future health services professionals in the primary administrative, analytic, behavioral and social/cultural competencies necessary to work effectively in diverse and dynamic health services and community based organizations.
  • Merge knowledge from different sciences and disciplines, such as humanities and management theory, as bases for problem-solving and decision-making in health care. Graduates are able to demonstrate a willingness to work cohesively and communicate inter-personally with members of the interdisciplinary health care team.
  • Allow students with Associate degrees from diverse backgrounds such as health management, nursing, and paramedical technicians to obtain a Bachelor degree. Students completing the Associate degree with a suitable GPA score will be able to transfer to the Bachelor degree program. Additional bridging course work is required.
  • The rationale of this program is to produce a workforce that works in hospitals, clinics, health departments, medical insurance companies, and managed care companies. Graduates of this program are able to pursue and secure most management, supervisory, and executive positions. The combination of management skills, information technology awareness, and clinical knowledge enables the graduate to rapidly get involved in the working environment. Or, if they are already working in the health care field, to move up to a leadership position, i.e. department manager or supervisor.

Program Schedule Plan

  • General Education 30 credits (10 courses)
  • Core Supporting Health Management 54 credits (18 courses)
  • Major Health Management 33 credits (10 courses)*
  • Major Electives 9 credits (3 courses)

Total Credits 126 credits (41 courses)

Year 1 : First Semester

  • GEG101 General Study Skills
  • GEE101 English 101
  • GEC101 PC Operation and Applications
  • GEI102 Islamic Culture
  • GEU202 UAE Society
  • MAT101 Business Mathematics
  • MNG102 Principles of Management

Year 1: Semester 2

  • GEE102 English 102
  • NSC200 Natural Science
  • FAC101 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • AMR121 Medical Terminology
  • MIC102 Microeconomics
  • AHM102 Principles of Health Management

Year 2: Semester 3

  • GEB201 Business Communication
  • STS102 Business Statistics
  • MAC202 Macroeconomics
  • AHM232 Introduction to Computer Systems for Health Information Technology
  • AHM233 Introduction to Electronic Health Records and Medical Office Workflow

Year 2: Semester 4

  • GEC201 Multimedia Presentations
  • AHM231 Public Health
  • PMA202 Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • AHM241 Healthcare Finance
  • AHM242 Legal Aspects and Ethics in Health Management

Year 3: Semester 5

  • GEE302 Critical Thinking
  • OPM202 Operations Management
  • BHM351 Health Economics
  • AHM243 Health Care Delivery System
  • BHM 352 Management Processes in Health Service Organizations
  • xxxxxx Elective1

Year 3: Semester 6

  • SMG301 Service Management
  • HRM301 Human Resources Management
  • BHM361 Medical Insurance Systems
  • BHM362 Bio-statistics
  • BHM363 Quality Management and Improvement in Health Care

Year 4: Semester 7

  • SMG402 Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management
  • BHM471 Strategic Healthcare Planning
  • BHM472 Health Care Management and Leadership
  • xxxxxx *Elective2
  • xxxxxx *Elective3

Year 4: Semester 8

  • GEP401 Preparation for Work
  • BHM481 Introduction to Research Methodology
  • BHM482 Health Policy
  • BHM483 Internship/Field Training

Major Elective Courses:

  • AMR123 Introduction to Disease management
  • AMR232 Hospital Administration
  • MSB302 Management of Small Business
  • BHM473 Pathology
  • BHM354 First Aid

Program Learning Outcomes

The program learning outcomes are designed to be consistent with the Associate level 7 as defined in the UAE’s Qualification Framework. Upon completion of the program, the student will possess the following:

A) Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Identify major health care systems and their management characteristics in the health care environment.
  2. Describe Healthcare Process Management (HPM) in process-centric healthcare organizations, in order to be able to respond to industry developments, reduce the risk of human error, and improve patient care.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the basic skills needed for managing a healthcare organizations including:
  • Implementing new policies
  • Creating a budget
  • Creating a work schedule
  • Managing interpersonal conflicts
  • Creating a disaster plan
  • Conducting performance evaluations for staff.
  • Hiring and firing of staff.
  • Communicating with staff and facilitating meetings.
  • Respond to issues in management of a healthcare organization or delivery of care, using legal and ethical principles.
  • Employ current information technology and health information systems to manage, maintain, and retrieve health care related data/information.
  • Support skills in leadership, motivation, and team building in health management settings.
  • B) Skills

    1. Analyze and interpret health care data, in order to make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
    2. Utilize interpersonal and communication skills that build cooperative working relationships.
    3. Critically develop and review an argument drawing upon proper evidence, literature and theories

    C) Competency

    1. Effectively present concepts through oral and written communication skills in English or visually through illustrative and technical rendering.
    2. Evaluate and utilize appropriate investigative and research strategies, Internet sources and software applications when developing a body of work, design brief or seeking inspiration.
    3. Work effectively as a contributing team member, remaining respectful of cultural diversity and individual differences
    4. Establish safe working practices for self and others relative to equipment and machinery, handling of product, disposal of materials and relevant legislation.

    Completion Requirements

    The Bachelor degree in Health Management program is comprised of 8 semesters of full time study with a total of 126 required credit hours. Each student is required to complete 41 courses which consist of a combination of General Education, Core Supporting and Major courses. To qualify for the Bachelor degree in Health Management, a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA is required. The minimum duration for completion is four years (8 regular semester), with a maximum of seven years (14 regular semesters). Students who complete the program with a GPA of less than 2.0 are allowed to repeat courses in order to improve their GPA.

    Students experiencing difficulty attaining the required GPA may, upon recommendation of the Program Leader, be placed on academic probation for a semester, or be required to repeat particular courses in order to improve their GPA and ensure competence in the course learning outcomes.

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